Capitol Debate Camp

2185 Farady Avenue
Carlsbad, CA, 92081

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Capitol Debate Summer Camps In Person at UofH and Virtual

Teach the fundamentals of public speaking and argumentation, enabling kids to develop core presentation and debating skills that boost confidence and self-esteem.

Our debate camps teach students to structure arguments, prepare debate cases, research evidence, write rebuttal briefs, deliver speeches and refute opponent arguments.


Our Goals

Capitol Debate's goal is to enrich the social, intellectual, and academic lives of our students through the art of communication. Since 2006, our academic camps have grown to serve thousands of students and are now hosted across the United States on over 15 campuses. Our programs draw students from around the world, and our locations provide the resources to make every student’s time at camp impactful and rewarding. Although Capitol has become a global leader in academic summer camps our core value remains at the heart of all our programs and activities.

Capitol Debate is dedicated to our mission to help the youth find their voice!

What can you expect this summer at Capitol Debate

Expert Staff Capitol Debate Summer Camps are taught by experienced instructors with decades of coaching and teaching public speaking and debate. Our instructors are nationally and internationally renowned debating & public speaking coaches. Click here to view our full staff listing.

Low faculty to student ratio

Capitol Debate firmly believes in individualized instruction, which can only happen with small class sizes.

Personalized Instruction

Capitol Debate instructors give students hands-on instruction with researching, writing, speaking and organizing. After practice debates, instructors give students lengthy feedback to help them improve their skills.

Plenty of Opportunity to Practice

We make sure students are not just sitting in lectures, but instead are getting up and speaking every day and applying the lessons learned in a small group setting.


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  • Age Range: 11-17
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