Grace School

10219 Ella Lee Lane
Houston, TX, 77042

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Founded in 1975, Grace School is leading STEM in the Houston area independent/private school sector; not only with a comprehensive curriculum, but with learning tools, technology, inspiration and a teaching staff dedicated to creating unique learning experiences for our students.

In the heart of West Houston, we’ve created an environment where students feel safe to explore, where they’re not afraid to take risks and where they develop the tools to figure out the answer for themselves. We’re preparing them for the future and exposing them to ideas that stretch their minds.

Core Beliefs

Galvanized by our STEM accreditation, from Cognia, Grace School is perfectly positioned to prepare our students for the next level of learning. We are a school where children develop the skills and mindset to become compassionate innovators, problem solvers and changemakers. Grounded in Christian values, we prepare all of our students for high school and beyond.

Our mission is to provide a rigorous educational program that embraces the teachings of Jesus Christ in a safe and inclusive environment. 

Our vision is to inspire compassionate, thoughtful students eager to engage in the world around them. 


At Grace School, we are guided by three core beliefs:

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Faith in Christ is present as we initiate purposeful change and commit to serving others.

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In an ever-evolving world, learners require engaging instructional strategies in innovative environments.

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Family and community partnerships are essential for student growth and progress.


At a Glance

Imagine a school where effort is recognized; where each class is the epicenter of student collaboration. Picture a place where students and teachers will engage in interesting conversation about the refugee crisis long after the school day ends. Imagine a school where students feel safe to explore, where they’re not afraid to be wrong and where they gain the tools to figure out the answer for themselves. This is a typical day of learning at Grace School.

  • Faculty and Staff: 81
  • Total Enrollment: 463
  • Senior Class Valedictorians: 25+
  • Student Age Range: 20 months – 8th Grade
  • Middle School Service Hours: 5,400
  • Community Events: 47
  • Published Works: 226
  • Athletic Championships: 23
  • Enrichment Classes: 14
  • Nature Explore Classrooms: 2
  • Technological Devices 1:1
  • Physical Activities Per Day: 60 Minutes
  • Experiential Learning Experiences: 54

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  • Grades: Toddler - 8th grade