St. Anne Catholic School

2120 Westheimer,
Houston, TX, 77098

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Mission Statement

The mission of St. Anne Catholic School is to develop each student academically, spiritually, culturally, physically, and interpersonally in a Catholic environment.

Philosophy Statement

St. Anne Catholic School, as a ministry of St. Anne Catholic Community, is committed to offering our students academic excellence in a nurturing environment. St. Anne embraces the uniqueness of each child and celebrates the diversity of the student body. We consider the family as a partner in the endeavor to provide an opportunity for the optimal growth of each child. We provide a Catholic atmosphere in which students have the opportunity to grow into responsible members of the Body of Christ. Our philosophy is built upon the Basilian Fathers’ cornerstone: “Teach me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge”.


St. Anne Catholic School’s goals and objectives stem from the five pillars of our mission statement. The pillars serve as the educational foundation focusing on the whole formation of each student.

  • In addition to its spiritual mission, St. Anne Catholic School recognizes its responsibility to provide an environment conducive to academic excellence. In order to achieve this, the following objectives have been set:

    • To provide a rigorous curriculum that will challenge the abilities and talents of students;
    • To provide a qualified, dedicated faculty that will use diverse methodologies to meet the educational needs of students;
    • To encourage the faculty members to continue their professional growth by providing funds and support for their attendance of classes, seminars, and workshops;
    • To provide a link to prior learning and build a foundation for future learning;
    • To conference with families at least two times each year (more often if necessary or requested) to discuss each student’s progress and welfare.


The Basilian Fathers’ philosophy of Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge has been an inherent part of the St. Anne culture for more than 90 years.  It is instilled in our programs, cultivated in our faculty and staff, and witnessed through every student.  We believe this inseparable philosophy has the power to launch promise and sustain our faith.

We draw families from 56 different zip codes who have made St. Anne Catholic School their home for their children’s education.  Come witness firsthand the environment where teachers love to teach, and where children love to learn.

God’s blessings,

Dawn Martinez
St. Anne Principal