Insurance Industry Tactics Exposed

 Claim Delay, Denial, and Defense: Public Adjuster Stephanie Corona Exposes Insurance Industry’s Tactics


Insurance provides peace of mind and financial protection in times of need. Whether it’s health, auto, home, or other forms of coverage, policyholders expect their insurance companies to step in when disaster strikes. However, many policyholders find it  challenging to obtain the settlement they’re rightfully owed.


With larger property damage claims, insurance companies sometimes try to increase profits. They may try to exploit the fact that many policyholders are not well-versed in insurance and legal systems. This happens through three main strategies – Delay, Denial, and Defense.


This is where Public Adjusters come in. They’re state-licensed insurance professionals who manage property damage claims on the policyholder’s behalf and safeguard their financial well-being from insurance company tactics. Their goal is to make sure that the policyholder is fully indemnified for their loss.


One such public adjuster, Stephanie Corona, has two decades of experience in the field. Her company, ClaimsMate, poses itself as one of the most trusted sources of insurance claims information. They connect policyholders with public adjusters to help them navigate their claim issues smoothly.


Stephanie aims to educate people about insurance and the tactics insurance companies use.


Let’s look at the Delay, Denial, and Defense tactics while sharing Stephanie’s insights.


Delay Tactics


Insurance companies may employ various tactics to delay the claims process. Stephanie notes, “Delays can be frustrating and financially draining for policyholders. Insurance companies may deliberately slow down the process by requesting excessive documentation, making repeated requests for information, or failing to promptly respond to inquiries.” Delays can be distressing when policyholders face urgent needs, such as medical bills or home repairs.


Denial of Claims


The most direct way insurance companies protect their profits is by denying a claim. Stephanie adds, “Insurance companies may deny claims on various grounds, such as alleging the policy doesn’t cover the specific event, asserting that the policyholder’s negligence caused the incident, or citing incomplete documentation.” Policyholders may be left without the financial support they were counting on when denied.


Defense Strategies


Insurance companies may employ defense strategies to contest the payout when policyholders persist in their claims. These can include hiring legal counsel to dispute the claim’s validity or conducting in-depth investigations to uncover potential policy violations. “While insurance companies have the right to ensure that claims are legitimate, these defense tactics can prolong the process and deter policyholders from pursuing their rightful compensation,” Stephanie says.


Not all delays, denials, or defenses are malicious. Insurance companies must investigate claims to prevent fraudulent activity.


Policyholders should read and understand their policies and provide accurate information to ensure a smooth claims process.


Stephanie also emphasizes seeking assistance when faced with claim difficulties: “If you feel your claim has been unfairly delayed or denied, consider consulting with a public adjuster. They can help navigate the complex world of insurance claims, ensuring you receive fair compensation.”


Transparency and accountability are essential for a balanced and just insurance system.


While insurance is a crucial safety net, some insurance companies’ delay, denial, and defense strategies can make the claims process challenging for policyholders. If you encounter difficulties, seeking the guidance of a public adjuster can ensure that you receive the compensation you’re entitled to.

To learn more about public adjusters, visit this website.

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