Upgrade Your Garden This Fall

Upgrade Your Garden This Fall! Just because the summer has ended doesn’t mean that you can’t still get out into the garden and have fun. And with the rainy season beginning in the Fall, this could be the best time to upgrade your garden. Luckily, numerous fun DIY projects that will upgrade your garden this Fall. So, instead of shying away from the garden during the colder months, why don’t you try these upgrades? These upgrades can make the outdoors fun and bearable during the coming cold months.

DIY Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Garden This Fall

1.    Build a Wooden Garden Bench

You can bring your garden to life by adding a simple garden bench. A simple wooden bench can provide a great place to sit and relax in your garden. All you need for this project is a circular saw, a drill, a tape measure, and a speed square. You can start the project by cutting the pieces for the back and the seat using a circular saw. For more info on the best circular saw in the market, please read the numerous product reviews online. Next, cut angled pieces for the legs using the speed square and a circular saw. Assemble the shorter legs to the long ones and then add the seat slate and finish with the back.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y12psLC230I

2.    Repair the Garden Pavements

Even though concrete is quite hard to wear out, you may sometimes find the need to repair your garden pavement. A part of the pavement might sink into the ground because of heavy usage, resulting in the rainwater collecting in puddles. Therefore, if your garden pavement has seen better days, you can lay a new one with a unique membrane underneath it. The membrane can prevent pesky weeds from popping up between the slabs.

3.    Install a Simple Fire Pit

Instead of staying indoor the whole Fall, you can upgrade your garden by adding a fire pit. You can install numerous types of fire pits in your home, with the common being propane, natural gas, and wood-burning pits. The wood-burning pits are easy to design and less expensive than propane and gas versions. You can start by marking a circle on the ground and removing the roots, stones, and sod before filling the pit with gravel. Lay the pit pavers on the rock and add the steel ring at the center. And finally, add three layers of concrete around the steel ring, and you are good to go.

4.    Treat Your Lawn

Instead of leaving your garden untrimmed for the cold and rainy months, you can try and trim it. Some landscaping during the Fall can make it easy for you to get it back to shape after the winter. A little bit of trimming can help keep your lawn in shape, especially when the trees start dropping its leaves. Trimming the trees in Fall means that you will relax and never have to do it in winter when it’s snowing or hailing.

5.    Improve the Lighting on the Garden

During winter, the nights tend to be longer than the day; therefore, you will need more lighting in the backyard. So this could be the best time to upgrade your lighting as you prepare for the coming cold months. You can mix solar lamps with regular bulbs. Remember, as long as the solar panel gets enough daylight; it can power the batteries.

6.    Turn a Secluded Part of Your Garden Into a Reading Nook.

If any part of your garden is overgrown, this is the best time to work on it. You can trim it and turn it into a reading nook. That secluded part of your garden can be a place where you go and relax during the hot summer months and read your favorite books. So you should consider the shade and with the Fall and winter being the cold season; this is the best time to monitor the growth of your nook and trim it into a place that you will spend most of your afternoons reading.

7.    Upgrade Your Planters

Planters can improve the overall look of any garden, and with the warm sunny season over, why don’t you upgrade your planters. Something simple like repainting your planters can upgrade your garden. Fall is also the best time to add more planters to your garden. The rain can help your plants grow faster, but you must find a way to protect them during winter.

8.    Treat and Stain All the Furniture in Your Garden Deck.

There is no denying that a deck can be a significant upgrade to any garden. A garden deck can be a great place to relax during the hot summer months. And if you have some deck furniture, this is the best time to treat and stain them. After all, the cold and wet weather can damage your untreated furniture.

9.    You Can Add a Simple Autumn Garden Project.

The cold winter months can be hard on numerous plants and flowers in your garden. Luckily, some plants that can survive the cold autumn and winter months. So you can replace some of the plants in your garden with other plants like coneflower, blue spruce, catmint or lily of the valley. Coneflower might not show its beautiful purple color in winter, but it does come back strong in spring.

10.                   Build a Fountain

A fountain can be a great garden feature for anyone with a small garden. A simple fountain built using an electric pump and a massive concrete or ceramic planter can reinvigorate your garden. You can fill the planter with water and turn the pump on, and you are good to go. But you should also be ready to protect your fountain with a cover during the winter.

11.                   Build a Pond

A garden pond with darting fish, floating plants, and running water can improve the overall look for a simple backyard. However, keeping it trouble-free and attractive can be a bit hard. But with a little care during the building and planning stage, you can create an almost maintenance-free pond. Just make sure you build it on a spot that receives over 6 hours of sunlight.

12.                   Build a Rockery Garden

Rockery garden adds interest and structure to your backyard and helps you recycle unwanted paving slabs, tiles, and bricks. Look for a spot that is not covered by shrubs and trees that can cast a shadow over the plants. Wait for the autumn rainfall to dampen and soften the soil before preparing the site and then add the rocks, compost, and plants. Some of the best plants for a rockery include Pulsatilla vulgaris and Thymus vulgaris.

Final Thoughts

Despite the cold and rain, autumn can be the best season to upgrade your garden. Numerous projects that can make life easier for your family in winter. Fall is also the best time to beautify your garden by introducing new weather-resistant plants and flowers. So instead of staying indoors and waiting for the moisture to destroy your wooden deck and fence, why don’t you give your garden a new look with the above DIY ideas?

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