6 Benefits of Summer Camp

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6 Surprising Benefits of Summer Camp
A place where fun is packed into every moment, the IPad is forgotten, activities abound, obstacles are overcome, relationships are built and kids come to life. THIS is summer camp.

Reason #1 Experience
Long gone are the days that ‘ringing the dinner bell’ cued the end of outdoor adventures for American children. Because of academic demands, social media distraction and the pressure to fit in, kids are robbed of adventure and are bombarded with stress. They miss their opportunity to imagine, to play, to be a kid.

Camp creates an environment where being a kid is the only being there is. Having been freed from other expectations, kids at camp experience a wealth of activities to discover the fullness of adventure at hand.

Reason #2 Connection
Inevitably, kids today spend too much time in the low glow of technology. Studies show that excess screen time and escaping into the world of social media can cause depression, anxiety and obesity and even an unhealthy self-image.

Camp offers a reality so engaging, that kids forget about their world that is dependent on gadgets. Spending a week unplugged and disconnected from the screen, kids experience connection in the moment with the immediate world around them.

Reason #3 Independence
“But, what if they get homesick?” is a thought most parents have when considering summer camp for the first time. While homesickness in a longing to be home, it is a fear of the unknown and uncertainty, feelings that each of us are acquainted with.

At camp, children learn how to calm their emotions, seek comfort within themselves, trust others and rely on their faith to endure struggle or homesickness. When children learn to cope in these ways, they are equipped with independence to cope with other difficulties that they face throughout their life.

Reason #4 Confidence
A triumph, like overcoming homesickness, inspires a sense of ownership and pride in a child that leads to confidence in other little victories.

Part of what makes camp so fun are the hurdles that are conquered each day. With activities that stretch comfort zones, confront fears and challenge the norm, kids are thrown into a variety of obstacles alongside of their peers, and are encouraged through an exciting environment to overcome what they might think is impossible, eventually seeing that they can do anything!

Reason #5 Role Models
While campers embark on the adventure of summer camp, they are not alone. Along every step of the way, are their counselors– who we call coaches at T Bar M. The magnitude of their influence above anything else is what sets the summer camp experience apart.

These ‘coaches’ are mostly college students who are well acquainted with their youthfulness, but are mature enough to guide camper’s choices. Because coaches carry ‘the cool factor’, they are able to nurture your child with same valuable messages that you care with, but in a way that your child receives differently. The result is lifetime impact.

Reason #6 Inspiration
Camp exposes kids to activities and ideas that they might never experience otherwise all while freeing them from established social expectations. Camp is often the first place kids encounter the freedom to be themselves… And more! Amidst a rare atmosphere that inspires kids to set out on a path they can choose themselves while exploring the world in unexpected ways, they not only grow, but they thrive!

How will your children grow this summer?
Overcoming heights? Or making new lifelong friends?

At T Bar M Camps, your kids are invited to play their hearts out in a Christian summer experience. Here, wide eyes encounter Hill Country wonder. Whether it’s basketball or cheer, the zip line or the blob, campers play with purpose … all under the care of the very best role models in the state of Texas.

It’s a summer your kids will always remember. To find out more, visit TBarMCamps.org.



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