Alley Theatre Playmakers Camp

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Alley Theatre’s Play Makers Camps!

Encourage kids to explore their favorite science concepts through theatre.

Imagine a volcano erupting into a dance! Imagine that the hot spots are a group of kids spinning around, and a crater is a statue created by a child and their brand new friends. Imagine your child coming home from camp, using words such as “objective” and “fissure.” Then you are imagining Alley Play Makers.

Alley Play Makers is offered for 1 week during Spring Break and in four 2-week sessions each summer. Campers join their peers for a full rotation of group activities designed to help even the most timid child find the confidence to step onto the stage. Our young actors will learn the basics of theatre skills, including: what it means to work as an ensemble; how to create and live in a character; how to make and stick to bold choices; spatial awareness and creative movement; how to tell a story with the voice and the body; and how to create a beginning, middle, and end of a story.

Alley Master Teaching Artists guide fun and informative lessons that teach theatre and SEL skills while also exploring a STEM topic. We will ignite the imagination of your young creative masterminds, and they will develop performance skills they will use their whole lives.

Each Alley Play Makers session ends with an Open Workshop, which allows you to glimpse into the camp classroom and gives your student the opportunity to show off their new skills. This is not only a chance for young actors to flourish in front of an audience, it’s also our opportunity to include you in an Alley Play Makers celebration of learning.

Play Makers camp allows your child to learn and hone their theatre skills, have fun in a diverse environment, make new friends, and discover ways to shine on and off the stage.

Alley Play Makers Summer Camps are two week camps. Details at

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