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We use Legos as educational building kits. Students that participate in Building Brains Educational Programs will develop strong critical thinking skills in the fields of physics, engineering, and fine motor skills because we use Legos to build simple machines while incorporating math concepts such as Pythagoras’ Theorem.


Trained instructors use LEGO and K’NEX educational kits to BUILD math and science skills. Our specially designed building kits have gears, levers and pulleys. Students build simple machines that really work, while BUILDING Fine motor skills and confidence. Classes are designed to reinforce classroom curriculum. Students use colors, sizes and shapes to build simple machines and then perform scientific experiments to see how they work. Several new and exciting machines are built each day. Literacy skills are improved by memorizing poems with hand motions for gears, levers and pulleys that reinforce how they work and what they do. Fun Themes such as "PIRATES THAT CAN BUILD ANYTHING"!

LEGO II Elementary Engineering and Intro to ROBOTiCS (6-12 years)

Students BUILD simple machines using gears, levers and pulleys and then MOTORIZE them using LEGO and KNEX educational kits and curriculum while BUILDING math and science skills. Using the newest LEGO educational kit, students challenge one another to create, build and test the best design. Students will learn why a machine works and how to manipulate a machine to go faster or slower. Fine motor skills, critical thinking skills; imagination and confidence will increase in this fun-filled class atmosphere. Curriculum rich in science and math, teaches division using gear ratios. We will use computers to explore the first steps to programming sound, motion, lights and music. Our campers are not just building…. they're BUILDING BRAINS! 


At Building Brains, our motto is “We not only build simple machines and then motorize them, we build brains.” Building Brains holds three camps for students to grow their minds in the fields of mathematics, physics, engineering, and fine motor skills; After School Programs, Birthday Parties, and Camps.


Our after school programs are available for students aged 3-14. Classes are usually one hour a day per week for a semester. If you are interested in after school programs in Houston, Texas for children aged 3-14, please register online!


Our summer camps are located all throughout Houston and run from 9am to noon for a half day, or 9am-3pm for a full day.


Building Brains also provides educational enrichment for birthday parties. We will travel to the site of your party and supply fun and learning for children ages 3-14. Learn more on our Birthdays Page!


Kim Koenig is the Director of Building Brains. Her background includes 10 years of early childcare, substitute teaching, and managing a Computer Explorers Franchise for 2 years. For more information about Kim Koenig and the services Building Brains provides, please visit our about us page!

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