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What sets Camp Champions apart?

Camp Champions is one of the top overnight camps in Texas, offering 1-, 2-, and 3-week sessions for campers aged 5-17.

In addition to exciting activities and an outstanding facility, Camp Champions (1) builds strong kids, (2) has the best staff, and (3) operates tech-free.

1. Camp Champions builds strong kids.

When we talk about “building strong kids”, we mean campers who have grown the skills to excel in school, build strong friendships, and become good decision-makers. Camp Champions is one of just four camps in the country to be named an Exemplar Program by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning ( Every day starts with fun, and campers are so active they don’t realize they are building skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, independence, resilience, and leadership.

2. Camp Champions has the best counselors.

There are two things we do differently to develop the best staff: First, Camp Champions counselors commit to not drinking alcohol during the summer, including on off time. We’re always ready to do our jobs at the highest level, and this also helps us filter for counselors who want to be here for the right reasons. Second, our counselors undergo the longest training of any camp we know of. They spend a full two weeks covering everything from rules and regulations to activity facilitation, cabin dynamics, and positive communication skills.

3. Camp Champions operates tech-free

We know that overexposure to screens and social media is causing negative health outcomes for kids (both physical and emotional). We know that this is only getting worse. Camp is one of the few places left where we can reduce technological dependence and kids (and even teenagers!) will thank us for it. Showing kids that they can be spectacular without a phone in their hands may be one of the most important outcomes of camp in 2023.

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