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Camp Huawni is a coed summer camp located on 600+ acres in the pristine Piney Woods of East Texas.

We are truly off the beaten path with miles of hiking trails, abundant forests, and our own private waterfront.

When our campers are unplugged from their phones and immersed in nature, their friendships and creativity thrive.

We cap out at 100 girl campers and 70 boy. campers. We hire 50 counselors dedicated to giving us ample time and individual attention to
truly know your child.

Last summer our highest camper to counselor ratio was 3.2 to 1.

We are dedicated to making Camp Huawni a second home for your camper.

There are 8 things we can’t do for our children as parents, including making them happy or independent.

Camp Huawni creates an environment where kids can experience exactly that, all while feeling a sense of
place...their second home. This will be our 57th summer to do so.

There is A LOT of information to sift through when looking for the best summer camp for your child. Here is a quick and simple guide, broken down by questions, to help you know Camp Huawni better.

What kind of camp is Camp Huawni?

Camp Huawni is a traditional, throwback summer camp for boys and girls. We believe that camp works best when we have simple fun, are outdoors a lot, experience meaningful traditions and ceremonies, and develop authentic friendships.

When was Camp Huawni established?

Camp Huawni was established by Earl and Retha Adams in 1965. We will be celebrating our 55th summer this year!

Is Camp Huawni Accredited by the American Camping Association (ACA)?

Yes! Camp Huawni is ACA accredited and adheres to ACA’s 300+ safety guidelines. We also partner with organizations like Ministry Safe to continue to make camp a safe and wholesome environment.

How many states are represented?

Campers come from 13 different states, including Colorado, Oregon, Maryland, California and Hawaii. Campers hail from different countries including the UK, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Lebanon.

How many camp activities?

Campers enjoy 20+ daily activities, including the waterfront at Huawni Pond, Critter/blob, archery, high ropes, mountain bikes, the giant slide, swimming and hiking. Campers also get to experience 15 plus special events or night activities during our Main Camp.

What does true significance mean?

True significance means that your child is a one-of-a-kind treasure. Of the 108 billion people born into this world, no two people have ever shared the same exact DNA

Where is Camp Huawni Located?

We are located on 600+ acres in the Pineywoods of East Texas. We have a private waterfront and miles of hiking and biking trails.

How many cabins are on Camp?

We have 9 cabins in girls camp and 5 cabins in boys camp (14 total) situated on Flagpole Hill.

How many campers per session?

Depending on the session, we will have between 100 to 170 campers on campus.

How many counselors?

We will hire around 50 college-aged staff for the summer. Last summer we had a 3.2 to 1 camper to camper ratio, which is extremely low in the summer camp industry.


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