Editor’s Note: February 2013

It’s February and you know what that means… Camp Fair! It’s the time of year to start thinking about, doing your research for and planning out your kid’s summer camp schedule. Believe me when I tell you, I know that’s not an easy task. Your choices feel endless, and all of the websites you visit to gather information have 4-color photos of kids seemingly having the time of their young lives… it can all be a little overwhelming. How do you know what is a good fit for your child?


This is why I love Camp Fair. You get to actually meet the admissions personnel from area camps. You get to look them in the eye, talk to them and ask questions so you can truly get a feel for whether or not their camp will work for your child. After all, they will have the responsibility of looking after your pride and joy for an extended period of time. Don’t you want to at least have a face-to-face conversation?


Even with all of the information at hand, sending a child to summer camp can be a difficult decision for some families.  From deciding if your family can afford it financially to deciding if your child is even ready to go, there are many questions to be answered when discussing summer camp. We get an inside look at one family talking through the options in our monthly “He Said, She Said” column on page 78.


So, you’ve talked about everything and have decided that sleepaway camp would be a great experience for your child. The life lessons they’ll learn, the independence they’ll gain and the memories they’ll make have you convinced your child needs to have this wonderful experience. There’s only one problem…. he won’t go. What do you do? Don’t miss the article “The Reluctant Camper” on page 21, where we talk to area child psychologists to get their input on the subject (which, I have to admit, hits close to home.)


And, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we have creative Valentine’s Day activities the whole family will enjoy on page 18. You might even want to incorporate some of the suggestions into your family routine year-round.



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