Daddy Days: Everyday Moments from Houston Dads

Name: Chris Lacy
Occupation: Attorney
Kids: Cole (7), Jacob (5), Joshua (3)

HFM: Tell us what is it like to be the father of three little boys.

CL: Tired and daunting, yet exciting. It is tiring because they outnumber me and have more energy than me. At times I feel like I just don’t have enough to give. It is daunting to think of the responsibility I have to help grow these little boys into strong men and leaders. I worry I will let them down. It is exciting (and humbling) to picture the day when they will surpass me in all things. They will be smarter, more caring, and just plain better than me. That is my hope; that is my goal.

HFM: What is something you and the boys love doing together?

CL: One of our favorite things to do is to go out riding the razor. (that is like an oversized ATV) I also love wrestling with them and throwing them in the pool. They can never get enough. I love watching American Ninja Warrior with them. They can never get enough. I love being a boy again with them. I can never get enough (for that brief period when I have the energy to keep up).

HFM: How do you and your wife work together when it comes to raising the boys?

CL: I’m the enforcer. Say what you will about gender roles, but the fact is that boys respond differently to me than they do her.

HFM: If you could be a super hero, what would it be and why? 

CL: The dad from the Incredibles. Because if I’m going to save the world I want family to do and share it with.

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