September 2012: A Healthy Spin on Halloween

A new way to celebrate the holiday with your family

Halloween brings to mind images of sugary sweets and piles of candy for children nationwide; but with the obesity statistic at 17% for children ages 2 to 19 years, it’s becoming increasingly important to find a healthy way to celebrate this popular holiday.

In their new children’s book The Story of The Great Pumpkin Man, Dr. Kirk Rossiter and his wife Sofia offer a unique and healthy spin on the holiday. Dedicated to preventing childhood obesity and parents themselves, the duo provides families with the perfect tool to celebrate Halloween- without consuming copious amounts of candy.

Passionate about the field of children’s health, the Rossiters originally developed the tale as a way to discourage their children from over-indulging in candy.

Dr. Kirk Rossiter is a board certified anesthesiologist with five publications regarding the link between obesity and the brain. An Ironman competitor and personal trainer with a passion for physical fitness, Sofia actively lectures at local schools in the New Orleans area to promote healthy lifestyles among youth.

After receiving strong positive feedback to the concept of the Great Pumpkin Man in their own community, the duo was inspired to write the book to share the story with families nationwide.

“It’s a story that’s easy for kids to relate to,” said Dr. Rossiter. “It offers families a fun and unique way to celebrate Halloween, without having to give up the costumes, trick-or-treating, or the tradition.”

The Story of the Great Pumpkin Man
By Dr. Kirk Rossiter and Sofia Rossiter
ISBN: 978-1-4691-7989-6
Paperback, retail price: $21.99
Available through www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com.


About the authors:
Dr. Kirk Rossiter is a board certified physician with five published works on the connection between the brain and obesity. He and wife Sofia Rossiters’ early research in the field of obesity and the brain has guided their interest and shaped the way they raise their own family. Sofia is an Ironman competitor and actively lectures at local schools, shaping early childhood attitudes about healthy and active lifestyles.

Through their strong commitment to fighting childhood obesity, the Rossiters’ seek to help American families learn about how early and healthy lifestyle choices impact one’s health as an adult. At home, the couple practices what they preach with their own children as demonstrated in the original telling of The Story of The Great Pumpkin Man.

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