The Most ticketed streets in Houston

The last thing a family on a tight budget needs are expenses like parking tickets. These tickets are typically $30 and if your car gets towed then you will be facing a $70 ticket and a $200 fee to retrieve it. I much rather spend that money on tickets to the movies or a theater show.

Here’s the 3 most ticketed streets in Houston via KHOU

There are three streets in Houston where drivers are most likely to receive a parking ticket, according to data from the city’s Parking Management Department.

They are Travis Street downtown, with about 3,800 citations issued annually, Caroline Street from Franklin to Hermann Park, with about 4,500 tickets, and Texas Avenue from the Theater District to just past BBVA Compass Stadium — about 6,400 tickets a year are issued on Texas Avenue.

The city’s hot spots for towing are Lillian Street, California Street and the 2500 block of Bagby, according to parking data. It is no coincidence that these streets are all in the city’s hottest party zones, near Washington Avenue, Montrose and in Midtown.

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