Family Finds – August 2012

My Keepsake Portfolio –
When your child starts kindergarten, it seems like everything they bring home is special. Keep artwork, writing samples and more safely stored in this sturdy portfolio with expandable pockets! Available for $19.95 at Lakeshore Learning Store, 2405 Post Oak Blvd., Houston 77056.






College Survival Kit – Any college student will be happy to gain this collection of 15 must-have items: Sleep Mask, Ear Plugs, Book Light, Book Clip & Stand, “Talk to the Knob” Privacy Door Sign, First Aid Kit, Thermometer, Mending Kit, Collapsible Clothes Hamper, “No, It Doesn’t Smell Okay” Laundry Instructions, Screwdriver, Poster Adhesive, Air Freshener, Caffeine Gum, and a Domino’s Pizza® Gift Certificate. Available for $49.00 at www.msandmrs.com.




iPhone and iPad Cover – Kristen Stewart, Gracie Dzienny, Emma Watson, Josh Hutcherson, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Leighton Meester, and Tyler Posey are just a few of the celebrities with iPhone covers by Uncommon. Customizable, affordable and fast! Prices start at $34.95 at www.getuncommon.com.








Locker Chandelier – How cool is this magnetic chandelier? With a motion sensor for easy on and off use, this great accessory will jazz up any locker! Available for $25.99 at Parker Uniforms, 3817 Bellaire Blvd., Houston 77025.








SolarFocus Lighted Cover for Kindle 4 – This device will actually charge your Kindle with sunlight, function as a protective cover and allow you to read at night with its built-in light source. Available for $79 at www.amazon.com.






MoH Band – Memory on Hand Bands are the perfect fashionable accessory to keep on hand. This USB Flash Drive bracelet will store any of your digital files from papers and power points to songs and pictures. Available starting at $14.95 for a 2GB band at www.memoryonhand.com.

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