Maddy Rose: Upbeats for Charity

In a world with myriad professions, a twelve-year-old Houstonian prodigy, Maddy Rose Johnston, has found her passion in DJing. 

by Eshaan Mani, HFM Kid Ambassador

She began her DJing career when the world-famous DJ Senega Iles of Premier Sound and Lighting, a family friend of hers who is now her manager and agent, set her up with the necessary equipment. Maddy uses programs on her laptop and Serato, a DJ and music production service to keep the mood euphoric at parties. Her first DJing gig was at her own birthday celebration, and since then DJ Maddy Rose has kept the energy level high at ten parties, as of late April. She hopes to expand her DJing opportunities in the coming months. 

Maddy DJs store openings, parties for kids her age, and charitable events. Good causes hold a special place in her heart; “I love seeing people smile, and I know that I’m doing something to make the world a better place when I DJ [at] charity events.” 

Currently, DJ Maddy Rose is running a campaign for No Kid Hungry, to keep herself busy, to entertain others, and to broadcast her amazing DJ skills. No Kid Hungry is an organization dedicated to providing the 22 million kids across America who are struggling to find nutritious meals, since their schools closed, along with which the free/reduced meal program has as well. 

She teamed up with the organization and is trying to raise $5000 for hungry children.  “We’re going to be DJing every Friday night until we reach or exceed our goal…each Friday has a different theme to it.” You can party along on her Twitch.tv channel djmaddyrose. 

Besides her campaign for No Kid Hungry, the young DJ is keeping up with her talent during the coronavirus pandemic by devising a balanced schedule. Each day, for Maddy, contains three main parts. She takes her time and meticulously completes her schoolwork, then takes a break to play some video games, maybe some backyard soccer, and relax, and lastly, Maddy DJs for her family and her DJ teachers, who provide her with tips to hone her skills.

DJ Maddy Rose says the best way for DJs to improve is practice, practice, practice. But also, listen to all new music that comes out; your audience wants to hear the newest and hottest tracks! She personally loves pop and hip hop, and her DJing dream would be to scratch records with Calvin Harris on The Ellen DeGeneres Show; “Calvin Harris is my DJing idol, and The Ellen Show is such a huge platform!” 

Though Maddy does admit to getting nervous a few minutes before her set, listeners couldn’t tell; she’s astute when it comes to tempo, timing, and mood at parties. She starts “feeling it, literally and figuratively”. Her favorite mashups include songs by Ariana Grande, Dennis Lloyd, and Sam Smith. 

“If I’m happy with [DJing], then I’ll keep doing it as an adult as well. I’d like to explore all of my opportunities, and that’s what my advice is to other kids. Find what you love to do and what you do well, and work hard to become the best. Also, surround yourself with people who will support you throughout your journey.”

I really enjoyed speaking with DJ Maddy Rose and encourage everyone to tune in to her Twitch channel every Friday and contribute to her fundraiser. 

DJ Maddy Rose’s Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/djmaddyrose

The website of Premier Sound and Lighting, her management:

Those who want to donate to Maddy’s noble cause, please see this link: http://join.nokidhungry.org/goto/DJMaddyRose

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january, 2021