Safe Decorating Ideas For Children

blindsgalorekidsroomby, Katie Christopher, in-house designer at Blindsgalore

Your home deserves to be not only the safest haven for your children but also a special space to induce their personalities to bloom and flourish. Our precious youngsters need places that are safe, stimulating and calming for different times of the day. Here are some tips for designing kid spaces in your home that are decor wise, child friendly and, above all, maintain a secure environment for free play, exploration, creative thoughts and quiet time at the end of the day.

Color is one of the best ways to brighten up a room, but whether you shun color and opt for a neutral palette or embrace color for its exciting vibes, use non-toxic paint to ensure no dangerous emissions are being released. Colorful furniture, big poster art and patterned rugs are additional ways to bring in a variety of hues for inspiration. Bright and lively materials are loved by children but be practical and invest in fabrics that will withstand vigorous play. Avoid leather, suede and velvet and find fabrics that are washable and inexpensive as they will be thoroughly ravaged by fantastic adventures.

Fun is the hallmark of childhood and decorating with exciting things is easy. DIY a mobile, hang a chalkboard, make use of decals or murals and find a spot to hang your children’s art. Beware of magnets as they can be swallowed. Remove any small magnets from the playroom. Even alphabet magnets can be pulled out of their plastic coverings and ingested. Floors can also be kid-proof. Even though carpet is a favorite choice, consider a cork floor as nothing will break; it is soft underfoot and easy to clean. Sensible storage is another key to create a sense of organization. Wicker baskets and open bookshelves are child friendly and make for quick clean-ups. You might not know, but toy-related falls make up 46 percent of all toy-related injuries, so storage is essential.

Window treatments are often the finishing look to any room in the house, but children’s rooms require special attention as dangling cords can create a hazardous environment. The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) highly recommends that all blinds and shades be equipped with a cordless option that is simply operated with a gentle push or pull on the bottom rail to position the shade to any height. Never leave a cord dangling anywhere to prevent dangerous mishaps.

Motorized window treatments ensure the ultimate safety with just a press of a button or tap of your smart phone. If you have only one thing to do in your home to create peace of mind, install cordless window treatments everywhere and keep dressers, beds, chairs or cribs away from windows. Almost every kind of window covering is available with a cordless configuration. Patterns and colors are limitless and blackout liners on the window treatments guarantee a peaceful sleep for your young ones.

Once you have chosen safe window treatments, be content knowing your children are secure whether they’re wildly playing or tucked in for sleep.

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