Meet Sonia, 48, Stay at Home mom & Jennie, 44, Psych NP
Supermoms to Storie (8) & Radd (6)

Give yourself a Supermom Name.
Sonia: Pride and Patience

Jennie: MacGyver Betty Crocker 

Tell us about your family, pets included.

It’s just us! No extended family.  We have a rescue zoo: four cats, three dogs and two fish. The cats’ names are Voodoo, Kiki, Star Moon & Cutie Flower. The dogs are Goldilocks, Scout and Poe

A day in the life of a mom is never the same but what is a “close to typical” day like for you? 

Sonia: I am in charge of waking and getting the kids ready for school. I have to make sure they eat and take their ADHD medication. And it’s a lot of reminding them to put on their shoes. After I drop them off at school, I take an hour to just rest. Then, on to the house chores. I do take breaks goofing off or working on my art. 

Jennie: When I’m off from work, I try so freaking hard to be super-present and connect with my kids by cooking/baking, going to karate meets, making slime, playing cops and robbers, and dress-up. These aspirations of Mary Poppins-moming usually ends in chaos. Sonia helps me out with executive functioning and talks me out of hiding (bathroom is my fav spot to hide from the kids). She’s well-versed in ADHD traits as our kids and myself are all diagnosed. Go neurodiversity-team!

Share some of your goals – personal or professional. 

Sonia: To make more art and become a better cook.

Jennie: Recently, I finished school. I worked full-time as an RN in the Houston’s medical center while juggling full school load and clinicals. It was all work and almost zero quality time with my family. It was so tough on our family. During the pandemic and in the midst of my school/job/clinical schedule, Sonia quit her job to be present for our kids. She’s been functioning as a one-woman show for the family. I’m so blessed she has been so supportive. She’s my rock! She’s the reason I finished grad school and reached this goal. 

How long have you lived in Houston?

Jennie: Since birth!

Sonia: I was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital and raised in Sugar Land. I have been in the greater Houston area all my life.

What are some of your favorite things to do with your family in Houston?

We love going to the zoo, park-hopping and picnics with our kids.

What’s special about Houston when it comes to raising children?

There is a diverse community with a lot of museums and activities.

Besides your family, what are you passionate about?

Sonia: Photography, art and gardening 

Jennie: Normalizing mental-health and neurodiversity, metapsychics, writing, and cats

How do you take time for yourself?

Jennie: I love lunch dates with Sonia (it’s nice to have time without constant interruptions/kid screams), binge-watching any sappy period drama, bubble baths, thrift-shopping, napping, writing, phone convos with friends and home projects.

Sonia: I dabble in art and play World of Warcraft.

What is your favorite part of motherhood? 

Jennie: The moments their eyes light up and they are captivated by something new or intriguing. 

Sonia: My favorite part of motherhood is watching the kids grow and see them find wonder in the simplest things like flying a kite. I love watching them play and hearing them laugh.

What is your Supermom superpower? 

Sonia: Time management and balancing bills. 

Jennie: Making messes with the kids, playing and cooking.

What’s your motherhood kryptonite?

Jennie: Sibling fight club and talking over their super-loud devices!

Sonia: They are constantly hungry. 

What’s your least favorite household chore?

Sonia: I hate cooking. My kids are harsh food critics!

Jennie: Getting them ready for school in the morning. Storie hates being late and Radd takes forever to get in his seatbelt because he gets distracted. It’s a nightmare. 

How has motherhood surprised you? 

Sonia: The amount of worrying and stress over their well-being! Also, I have somehow convinced my children that I know what I am doing. It surprises me.

Jennie: Regarding the nature vs nurture debate, I was sold on nurture. It’s so interesting how their personalities are in place from birth. Sonia is Storie’s birth mom. I am Radd’s birth mom. They share the same biological father. From this standpoint, it’s interesting to observe the situation scientifically. From personality, physical features, interests, dislikes, food preferences, and communication styles, they are genetically-driven, and nature is dominant. Sonia and Storie are carbon-copies of one another. In our house, they run the show. They are natural project managers, make everything into art, natural animal whisperers, love electronic devices, highly-observant and detailed, need alone time, are ready for bed extra early. Radd and I are so very alike, too. We are night owls, talk incessantly including through every movie, love to get dirty in the mud/paint/whatever we can find, natural cooks, intense yet goofy, and over-protective of Sonia and Storie.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Jennie: The best way to show your kids you love them is to spend time with them doing exactly what they want to do. Also remember that each kid is their own person. One approach to parenting does NOT work for all. Be vulnerable to your kids by admitting when you’re wrong or make mistakes. It helps break the damaging façade and expectation of perfection. I love my wife’s expression before they are off to school. “Have a good day at school and go make mistakes!” I freaking love that! 

Sonia: Time goes by quickly. Stop and enjoy the little moments when they still think you’re cool.

What’s your guilty pleasures?

Sonia: I listen to a lot of true crime podcast.

Jennie: Stealing the kids’ ice cream, after they forget it’s in the freezer!

What is the messiest room in your house?

Our bedroom and the game room due to the number of toys!