Don’t let the holiday season ruin your fitness goals

The holiday season is upon us which means eating, drinking, partying and shopping!  Not to mention the pressure of resolutions and a new year ahead.  While our calendars fill up with celebrations, don’t let your fitness goals fall to the wayside. The most important part of sticking to your goals is creating ones you can meet without hassle or guilt.

Five easy tips from Kara Tatelbaum, Founder & Author of Lazy Girl Pilates, you can follow to commit to your fitness goals.

  • Wake up a little earlier. Set your alarm and wake up 10-20 minutes earlier to begin your day with a workout.  Whether that means crunches in bed, gym before the shower, yoga poses before breakfast, or a quick run around the block – make use of this time each morning and move your body.
  • Take time during your lunch break to focus on your body. Can you make it to a quick class? Is there one offered at work? If that’s not possible, you can still mix up your usual routine. Find stairs to walk up and down for three minutes, then hang your heels off of a step to stretch your calves. Try closing your eyes and meditate at your desk by focusing on your breath for two minutes.     
  • Add steps to your day by taking the long way home. Walk all the way home or if you drive or take public transportation, take a walk around the neighborhood when you get home. Extra points if you track your steps and add weights to this routine. One pounders are great on your ankles or in your hands. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, turn this into a jog or run!
  • After getting home from all the holiday happy hours, parties, or other commitments resist the urge to pass out right away. Before you catch your Z’s take a moment to stretch in bed. Do a psoas/hip stretch by on your back towards the edge of your bed. Hang one leg off while holding the other into your chest. Afterwards try a back twist bending your legs to either side breathing into your back.
  • Finally, find a fitness buddy. You don’t have to go through this alone. Is there someone at work or in the neighborhood you can work out with? If you can’t meet in person, FaceTime works too. It’s an awesome way to stay connected across states with family and friends!
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