The Family Nest: Create Sacred Space

written by Elizabeth Irvine


Back in my nursing days, I can still remember, we knew if a new mama was going into labor through her instinctual ritual of “nesting.” I hold a vivid memory of my own late stages of pregnancy — waking up in the night to use the bathroom and instead of coming back to bed my husband Ron would find me sitting on the bathroom floor organizing a bathroom cupboard. It wasn’t too long after that our twin girls arrived. Nesting is known as the overwhelming urge to clean and organize your home (strongest in the latter weeks of pregnancy) to get ready for a new baby.

Whether you are a pregnant mama or not — do you long for a space in your home (and your soul) that is quiet, peaceful, and sacred? How do you create a space WITHIN YOU, and your home that nurtures your soul? When we are in a place that feels good, we find it easier to think, dream, and get in touch with the best part of ourselves. Do you want to learn how to transform ordinary environments into a sacred, nourishing space? 

Treasure Box

To create “spaciousness” in our homes, treat your home as if it is a ‘treasure box.’ I hold the strong belief that we hold much power to become the MAGICIANS OF OUR SPACE — to create quiet sacred space within ourselves first, working from the “inside out.” We can create an enchanted feeling in our home through declutter and organization, which then leads to a creation of sacred space. How does the idea of a decluttered and organized home make you feel? And, as the Mari Kondo method from the The Magic Art of Tiding Up suggests, “do the things in your home spark joy?”

Quiet Still Space

You can do the following exercises in a few minutes, so do it now. Let’s begin with a short guided relaxation to get you started. In this quiet still space you can find your center, your ‘coming home’ feeling in your own body. In this grounded place, take a few nice long DEEP BREATHS IN AND OUT. Breathe in, feel your breath enter your body, watch it fill you up from the very base of your lungs all the way up to the top of your shoulders. Breathe out, release—all unwanted air, thoughts, emotions that are your past. Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. It is now released through your breath. Do this two more times.

Power of Subconscious

Now, imagine you are filled with light. Take a moment and visualize the light filling you up. Now visualize the center of your physical home. Allow the light from the center of you to radiate out— working its way through your home. On an energetic level you are visualizing light moving through your home ‘clearing the space’ with the power of your intention and thought. Imagine it’s like morning sunshine streaming in through you and then spreading throughout your home.

Next, let’s tap into the power of our subconscious mind through free-flow writing. In this quiet still space take a couple of minutes (or more) to reflect and journal about a favorite spot in your home. Once you have this space in mind, write about it and how to create a feeling of sacredness in this special place at home. 

A Place of Invisible Grace

Ideas to Get you Started

  • Center yourself (as before) and use your intuition to choose the “sacred space” in your home. Notice what space in your home gives you a feel-good sensation.
  • Clear any clutter from your designated area.
  • Collect a few things to place near you that bring comfort and represent beauty or a connection to something beyond this world- the flame of a candle, a flower, a photo.
  • Set the intention as you create your space that it holds a quality of “sacredness.”
  • Use this space (if possible) exclusively for your connection to the feeling of invisible grace.
  • Move to other parts of your home, until eventually the whole home feels sacred.

 And whether you are birthing a baby or putting energy into creating a sacred space for the family to nest. For me, to create sacred space, is all about REMOVING what gets in the way to APPRECIATE THE ABUNDANCE that which is already there.

Sacred Space e-course:  

Our home is a haven, when our senses are awakened and alert–completely present. Sacred space is a place where you feel safe and can disconnect from day-to-day stress. Inspiration, clarity, and joy are found here. It begins with you and radiates out to your family. 


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