Alexa is nine years old and is originally from California. She’s lived in Houston since she was six and loves her adopted state of Texas, where the stars at night are indeed big and bright. Alexa is curious by nature and loves trying new adventures, especially in and around Houston. Some recent thrills have been indoor skydiving, high-speed Go Kart racing, and checking out those gorgeous stars at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. 

Alexa is also an avid reader (current fave: The Invention of Hugo Cabret) and she likes to relax by hanging out with friends, listening to music (Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran), and making slime or origami with her little sister. 

She also enjoys traveling with her family. (Visiting London and New York last year were major highlights!) 

Above everything, though, Alexa’s greatest passion is dancing competitively with her teammates on her dance team. If not at the dance studio, you can find Alexa riding around on her beach cruiser bike or enjoying tacos at Torchy’s. (Yum!)

Grade: 4th

Favorite subject: History (and Science)

Favorite movie: The Greatest Showman, but also can’t wait for the next Descendants movie to come out

Favorite TV show:  The Series of Unfortunate Events and The Who Was? Show

What makes Alexa unique: She can do 5 aerials in a row. Also, those that know her best think of her as an “old soul.”