Book Bites for Dad June 24


Looking for some great reads for Dad? Check out these titles from our friends at Blue Willow Bookshop!

Star Wars Dad Jokes by Kelly Knox (Chronicle Books)

A charmingly corny book of Star Wars-inspired dad jokes, perfect for geeky fathers, pun lovers, and sci-fi fans of any age. What kind of stories do Wookiee parents tell at bedtime? Hairy tales.This makes every customer laugh when they pick it up.

Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny, and Murder by David Grann (Random House Books)

A mesmerizing story of shipwreck, survival, and savagery, culminating in a court martial that reveals a shocking truth On January 28, 1742, a ramshackle vessel of patched-together wood and cloth washed up on the coast of Brazil. Inside were thirty emaciated men, barely alive, and they had an extraordinary tale to tell.

Demon Of Unrest by Erik Larson (Crown Books)

On November 6, 1860, Abraham Lincoln became the fluky victor in a tight race for president. The country was bitterly at odds; Southern extremists were moving ever closer to destroying the Union, with one state after another seceding and Lincoln powerless to stop them. Slavery fueled the conflict, but somehow the passions of North and South came to focus on a lonely federal fortress in Charleston Harbor: Fort Sumter.

Book Of Charlie by David Von Drehle (Simon & Schuster)

A veteran Washington journalist recounts his long friendship with Charlie White, the centenarian next door who, sharing his good and meaningful life, mastered survival strategies that reflect thousands of years of human wisdom as his sense of adventure guided him through a century of upheaval.


Welcome To The Circus of Baseball by Ryan McGee (Doubleday)

A gloriously funny, nostalgic memoir of a popular ESPN reporter who, in the summer of 1994, was a fresh-out-of-college intern for a minor league baseball team. Madness and charm ensue as Ryan McGee spends the season steeped in sweat, fertilizer, nacho cheese sauce, and pure, unadulterated joy in North Carolina with the Asheville Tourists.

Supercommunicators by Charles Duhigg (Random House)

Supercommunicators know the importance of recognizing–and then matching–each kind of conversation, and how to hear the complex emotions, subtle negotiations, and deeply held beliefs that color so much of what we say and how we listen. Our experiences, our values, our emotional lives–and how we see ourselves, and others–shape every discussion, from who will pick up the kids to how we want to be treated at work.

True Wealth by Ken Honda (Hay House)

New lessons on success and abundance from the author of the international bestseller Happy Money, founded on Zen principles and delivered in a spirit of compassion, freedom, and joy.

The Women by Kristin Hannah (Macmillan Publishers)

This is not just a women’s novel. Men have come into the shop and recommended it over and over again. Women can be heroes. When twenty-year-old nursing student Frances “Frankie” McGrath hears these words, it is a revelation. Raised in the sun-drenched, idyllic world of Southern California and sheltered by her conservative parents, she has always prided herself on doing the right thing. But in 1965, the world is changing, and she suddenly dares to imagine a different future for herself. When her brother ships out to serve in Vietnam, she joins the Army Nurse Corps and follows his path.

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