Book Bites for July


Looking for some great reads for summer?

Check out these titles from our friends at Blue Willow Bookshop!

The Calculation of You And Me

by Serena Kaylor (Wednesday Books) Teens

A calculus nerd enlists her surly classmate's help to win back her ex-boyfriend, but when sparks
start to fly, she realizes there is no algorithm for falling in love.

The Unwedding

by Ally Condie (Grand Central Publishing) Adults

Ellery Wainwright is at a resort in Big Sur, celebrating her anniversary by herself. Things soon
turn south with a big storm and a dead body in the pool.

The Wedding People

by Alison Espach (Henry Holt & Co) Adults

A propulsive and uncommonly wise novel about one unexpected wedding guest and the
surprising people who help us start anew.

Clean Getaway

by Nic Stone (Yearling Books) Middle Grade

How to Go on an Unplanned Road Trip with Your Grandma:
Grab a prepacked suitcase and fasten your seatbelt: G'ma's not conventional, so this trip won't
be either.

Beach Bummer

by Ryan T Higgins (Disney) Toddlers

Everyone is enjoying fun in the sun except for Bruce. It's too hot, too sandy, and too windy, and
Bruce would rather be doing nothing. In the shade. Where it's cool.

Duck Duck Taco Truck

by Laura Lavoie (Doubleday Books) Picture Book

It's a summer showdown at the beach as two taco slinging ducks see their turf taken over by an
enterprising goose. A rollicking, rhyming, beachy read-aloud.

If You Spot A Shell

by Aimee Jicuro (Random House Studio) Picture Book

This cheery picture book captures the excitement of summer and encourages children to see
their collected seashells in an entirely new way. Exquisite illustrations.

A Is For America

by Greg Paprocki (Gibbs Smith) Toddlers

An engaging collection of 26 illustrations featuring more than just fireworks, parades, and the
American flag. Also includes iconic moments from American history.

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