Book Bites: January 2017


i-dont-want-to-be-bigI Don’t Want To Be Big by Dev Petty
(Doubleday Books For Young Readers, October 2016)
Getting big can be either exciting or scary for a toddler.  Share this humorous story of a frog that most decidedly does not enjoy the thought of growing up.  The daddy frog is reassuring in his own way.




51l6hpcz3jl-_sx354_bo1204203200_The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown
(Harper Collins Children’s Books, 1949)
Of the many books in the picture book canon, The Important Book remains as fresh as it did in 1949.  There are certain people, objects, and ideas that are paramount in a toddler’s life.  This book opens the conversation about why these are important in a child’s mind. It’s worth it!





518dt7hih9l-_sx258_bo1204203200_Hug It Out! by Louis Thomas
(Farrar, Strauss, & Giroux Books For Young Readers, January 2017)
In a humorous take on an age old problem–siblings who fight–this mom takes action by making the brother and sister “hug it out”.  They can’t stay mad for long like this.  It’s a great picture book for multiple readings.




51ikee2dibl-_sx258_bo1204203200_XO, OX: A Love Story by Adam Rex
(Roaring Brook Press, January 2017)
Told in epistolary form, the ox is in love with a famous beautiful (and proud) gazelle.  Sadly, it is unrequited love.  But the ox does not give up.  He works steadily to prove his love.  It’s a funny story as well as being a primer on writing letters.  Adam Rex is keynoting our Bookworm Book Festival on January 21.




9780553498059Greyhound, A Groundhog by Emily Jenkins
(Schwartz & Wade Books, January 2017)
This delightful tongue twister is a great book for beginner readers.  As each of these creatures circles around the others, the words become harder and harder to read aloud until everyone is laughing.  The illustrations and the words become jumbled which makes it ever so much fun.


Colton’s Pocket Dragon

In the series, readers meet an ordinary 10-year-old boy, Colton, who finds an egg that he keeps safe and warm until it hatches, revealing a baby dragon. Colton and his pocket dragon friends take the reader on an unforgettable adventure throughout the pages. In “Book 8: The Dream,” Colton finds himself in cold country with his friend Kolta fighting gargoyles and other wild animals. Is Colton dreaming or not? You will have to read the book to find out! The other books in this series include: Book 1: Dragon Land, Book 2: Iggy the Bigfoot, Book 3: Skylar the Dinosaur, Book 4: Meeting Santa Claus, Book 5: Tansy the Abdominal Snowman, Book 6: Heaven and Book 7: Max The Race Car. Visit www.coltonspocketdragon.com to learn more.

dk-readers-star-wars-feel-the-forceStar Wars Readers
Beginner readers can be deadly dull.  We like to suggest that parents choose a subject matter that will interest the child.  They are much more likely to try reading difficult words if they want to know the story.  Many Star Wars fans gravitate to these easy readers which offer all the franchise’s stories, characters, and more.




the-lost-property-office-9781481467094_hrThe Lost Property Office by James Hannibal
(Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, November 2016)
Jack Buckles comes to London with his mother and sister to find his father, who has gone missing. It turns out that his father is a Tracker, with supersensory abilities, and he has been kidnapped by The Clockmaker. It’s up to Jack and his new friend Gwen to find them. Houston-based author James Hannibal has created an incredible world in this story, full of fun, fantasy and plenty of adventure!




wardensdaughterWarden’s Daughter by Jerry Spinelli
(Alfred A. Knopf Books For Young Readers, January 2016)
Twelve year old Cammie O’Reilly lives in the apartment above the Hancock County Prison. She is known as the little warden.  A lively cast of characters help show compassion in this slice-of-life story.






framed-9781481436304_hrFramed! by James Ponti
(Aladdin Books, November 2016)
Twelve-year-old Florian Bates has a knack for drawing conclusions by piecing together small details much like Sherlock Holmes; he calls his technique T.O.A.S.T. or The Theory of All Small Things. When three masterpieces are stolen from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., where his parents work, Florian realizes he and his friend Margaret have valuable information that could lead to their recovery, which, in turn, leads to adventure—lots of adventure. Laugh-out-loud funny, Framed! is the first in a new, fun, and fast-paced mystery series for fourth graders and older.




32604250Life In A Fishbowl by Len Vlahos
(Roaring Brook Press, January 2017)
Jared and Deidre have two loving but very different daughters, Jackie and Megan.  When Jared, a state congressman, gets a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer, he is panicked that the family will not be cared for financially.  He puts his “life” on EBay.  Ethan, an unscrupulous reality TV producer, buys the right to film the family.  It is raw, unflinching, and beautiful in the midst of heartbreak.  Perfect for contemporary teen fiction readers.




31206814Wait For Me by Caroline Leech
(Harper Teen, January 2017)
When a German POW is sent to help her father on the farm in Scotland, Lorna is mortified.  The young man has been severely wounded, both physically and emotionally.  Lorna is smart, tough, and a little jaded.  Love may be in the air for these two very different teens while the world is fighting a brutal war around them.





25613472List of Cages by Robin Roe
(Disney-Hyperion Books, January 2017)
Adam, a high school senior, is assigned to help the school psychologist by escorting students to her office. The job becomes interesting when he finds that one of the kids is his former foster brother, Julian. Julian has changed over the years, becoming painfully isolated. As Adam befriends Julian and pulls him into his group of friends, the full story of what happened to Julian is revealed. This is a story of the darkest hours of life and how friendship and love can pull us back from the brink.

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