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Book Bites – June 2013

Have Book, Will Travel, Summer Reading 2013


Toddlers (Ages 1-3)

everythinggoesEverything Goes in the Air
by Brian Biggs
Jets and blimps and helicopters and gliders! Balloons and biplanes too! Everything goes! Zoom along with Henry and his parents as they take off on an airborne journey and learn about all kinds of flying vehicles. With clever mini storylines, seek-and-find activities, dozens of funny details, and cool cutaways, Everything Goes: In the Air is an interactive book that provides tons of fun!


backseatBackseat A-B-See
by Maria Van Lieshout
Vroom! Vroom! From the backseat, what do you see? Whether on a cross-country road trip or a quick jaunt across town, there’s no end to what a child can see from the backseat of a car. Using familiar road signs, this striking book introduces little ones not just to the alphabet but also to the world around them. Equally perfect for transportation-obsessed children and those just learning to read, this fresh and dynamic picture book will entertain and educate at home, in the classroom, and on the go.

suitcaseA Suitcase Surprise for Mommy
by Cat Cora
Mommy must travel for business, and Zoran is not happy—he will miss her too much! But what if he gives Mommy one of his special things to take with her so that she will have a part of him with her when she goes? This story offers a usable and comforting solution for kids and parents to help ease times of separation and show that out of sight does not mean out of mind or heart.



Picture Books (PreK – K)

traintripTrain Trip
by Deanna Caswell
A lucky little boy is going to visit Grandma! But as much as he looks forward to seeing his grandmother’s friendly face, the ride on the train may just be the best part of the trip. There are bridges to cross, instruments to study, and aisles to tromp up and down. All aboard!



sidecarMy Side of the Car
by Kate Feiffer
Sadie and her father have been planning a trip to the zoo for a long time but something always gets in the way, so when they finally start out and her father sees some raindrops, Sadie insists there is no rain on her  side  of the  car.


shoesandiMy Shoes and I
by René Colato Laínez
As Mario and his Papá travel from El Salvador to the United States to be reunited with Mamá, Mario’s wonderful new  shoes  help to distract him from the long and difficult journey.






Early Readers (Grades 1 – 3)

godriveLet’s Go For a Drive!
by Mo Willems
Elephant Gerald and Piggie want to  go  for a  drive, but as Gerald thinks of one thing after another that they will have to take along, they come to realize that they lack the most important thing of all.




kikiKiki & Coco in Paris
by Stephanie Rausser
Kiki  loves her doll  Coco  and they travel to  Paris  together, but they are separated and wonder if they’ll see each other again. The stellar photography tells a timeless story and the art takes young readers with Coco as she twirls from the hands of her beloved Kiki.




by David Gordon
Presents a fictional illustrated owner’s manual for the  Jett-pup, a kid-operated flying, hovering vehicle with time travel capabilities and such optional accessories as a stuffed animal gun and a unicorn rescue harness.




Children’s Fiction (Grades 4-6)

by Amber McRee Turner
Ten-year-old Cass’s attitude changes after her mother, whom she idolizes, leaves her behind, and her father who previously seemed boring and practical, takes her on a summer road trip in which he shows her the creative, magical side of himself.





roadtripRoad Trip
by Jim and Gary Paulsen
Dad and Ben haven’t been getting along recently and Dad hopes a road trip to rescue a border collie will help them reconnect. But Ben is on to Dad’s plan and invites his thuggish buddy, Theo. The family dog, Atticus, comes along too. When their truck breaks down, they commandeer an old school bus along with its mechanic, Gus. Next, they pick up Mia, a waitress escaping a tense situation. Only sharp-eyed Atticus realizes that Theo is on the run—and someone is following them.



mapmeThe Map of Me
by Tami Lewis Brown
Twelve-year-old Margie finds her sister, Peep, intolerable since the youngster skipped from third grade to sixth, but when their mother leaves home, Margie packs Peep into their father’s car and starts driving across Kentucky to find her.






 Teen Fiction (Ages 12 & up)

don'tstopDon’t Stop Now
by Julie Halpern
High school graduates Lil and Josh leave Illinois for Oregon seeking Lil’s sort-of friend Penny, who faked her own kidnapping to escape problems at home and an abusive boyfriend. Will Lil and Josh discover they are meant to be more than friends?





annaAnna and the French Kiss
by Stephanie Perkins
When  Anna’s father sends her to an American boarding school in Paris for her senior year of high school, she reluctantly goes and meets a boy who becomes her best friend, in spite of the fact that they both want something more.





redgrassRed Glass
by Laura Resau

Sixteen-year-old Sophie has been frail and delicate since her premature birth, but discovers her true strength during a journey through Mexico, where the six-year-old orphan her family hopes to adopt was born, and to Guatemala, where her would-be boyfriend hopes to find his mother and plans to remain.



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