Book Bites Mar 24

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Looking for some great reads for Spring Break? Check out these titles from our friends at Blue Willow Bookshop!


Texas Baby by Jerome Pohlen (Hometown World)

Spirited and charming images pair with quirky text to introduce young readers to a group of smart, active, stylish, and just plain silly tots enjoying life in Texas. From the Alamo to the towering derricks and the out of this world NASA Johnson Space Center, this entertaining book is an essential introduction to the fun in store for the babies of Texas.

Sunshine Baby by Jackie McCain (Kane Miller)

Babies will love seeing themselves reflected through the special cut-outs in the pages of these beautiful board books. Baby celebrates a bright and cheerful day, with an ending that bursts with sunshine!

Little Seasons Spring Seeds by Mirka Hokannen (Odd Dot)

A funny and informative nonfiction picture book introducing the life cycle of seeds and exploring the season of spring, including interactive back matter and a tear-out memory card game.

Cranky by Phuc Tran (Harper Collins)

Cranky is feeling, well, cranky. But don’t ask why. Because you know what doesn’t help when you’re feeling cranky? Everyone asking you what’s wrong! Is there anything that will help? Find out in this … story about big trucks, big feelings, and even bigger friendships

Kitty & The Moonlight Rescue by Paula Harrison (Greenwillow Books)

Kitty wants to be a superhero like her mother, once she gets over her fear of the dark, but when Figaro the cat needs help she springs into action.

Can You Survive 20,000 Leagues Under The Seas by Deb Mercier (Lake 7 Creative)

A choose-your-own-adventure book in which “a sea monster is terrorizing the ocean, and you have been chosen to stop it. You are Pierre Aronnax, a mild-mannered scientist thrust into an extraordinary situation. Your mission takes a strange twist when the sea monster turns out to be a submarine.

Waffles And Pancake by Drew Brockington (Little Brown Ink)

Future CatStronaut Waffles and his younger sister Pancake are kittens who enjoy visiting the science museum with Dad-Cat.

The Eyes of The Impossible by Dave Eggers (McSweeney’s)

Johannes, a free dog, lives in a park hemmed in on three sides by dense human neighborhoods, and on one side by the ocean. His job is to be the Eyes–to see everything that happens within the park and report to the park’s elders, three ancient bison who ensure the Equilibrium. His friends–a stalwart seagull, a mordant raccoon, a one-eyed squirrel, and a pelican who can read–work with him as the Assistant Eyes, observing the humans and other animals who share the park and making sure everything is in balance. 2023 Newbery winner

Family Family by Laurie Frankel (Henry Holt & Company)

Not all stories of adoption are stories of pain and regret. Not even most of them. Why don’t we ever get that movie?


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