Book Bites – September 2013

Toddlers (Ages 1-3)

littlelostowlLittle Owl Lost                       
by Chris Haughton
While his mother is away finding food, a newborn  owl  falls out of his nest and anxiously tries to find her, receiving help from various forest animals.



boomboomboomBoom! Boom! Boom!
by Jamie Swenson, illustrated by David Walker
On a stormy night, a child snuggles into bed with a book and a teddy bear but is soon joined by one dog, one cat, and more, until the child and the bed reach their limit.



hoorayparadeHooray Parade
by Barbara Joosse, Illustrated by Hyewon Yum
In this wonderful read-aloud for very young children, Gramma comes to visit and uses the things in her basket to create a wonderful  parade  of shadow animals.



Picture Books (Pre K-K)

daycrayonsThe Day the Crayons Quit
by Drew Daywalt, pictures by Oliver Jeffers
Poor Duncan just wants to color, but he finds out that crayons have feelings, too. When he arrives at school one morning, he finds a stack of letters, one from each of his  crayons, complaining about how he uses them.



nofitsnelsonNo Fits, Nilson!                               
by Zachariah Ohora
Nilson and Amelia do everything together. But if one little thing goes wrong, Nilson throws the biggest, most house-shaking-est fit ever! Amelia helps Nilson control his gorilla-sized temper, but sometimes, Amelia needs to be calmed down, too.




greenbathThe Green Bath                     
by Margaret Mahy, illustrated by Steven Kellogg
Sammy’s mother tells him to forget about adventures and get cleaned up for his grandmother’s visit, but the new bathtub Sammy’s father brought home seems determined to have an adventure of its own.





Early Readers (Grades 1-3)

cocoCoco: My Delicious Life
by Kyla May Horsfall
Coco LOVES hanging out with her friends, baking delicious cupcakes, and rescuing animals… like snails? The Lotus Lane Girls organize a cupcake sale to raise money for a veggie garden to help save the snails. Part of a new independent reader series called Branches.




showmustgoonThe Show Must Go On!             
by Kate Klise, illustrated by M. Sarah Klise
This new early reader series introduces a cast of talking animals and their human caregivers in the friendliest and funniest family circus in the world.





blueribbondayBlue Ribbon Day
by Catherine Hapka, illustrated by Anne Kennedy
Going to the county fair to help Jill’s mom prepare the ponies for a driving class competition, Jill, Meg, and Annie enjoy the displays and festivities before running into rival Ben, who makes them doubt their skills.






Children’s Fiction and Nonfiction (Grades 4-6)

by John David Anderson
Middle school is a drag even with superpowers. But this is all before a supervillain long thought dead returns to the city of Justicia, superheroes begin disappearing at an alarming rate, and Drew’s two identities threaten to crash head-on into each other. Drew has always found it pretty easy to separate right from wrong and good from evil. It’s what a superhero does. But what happens when that line starts to disappear?



trueblueThe True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp
by Kathi Appelt
Raccoon brothers Bingo and J’miah are the newest recruits of the Official Sugar Man Swamp Scouts. Twelve-year-old Chap Brayburn is not a member of any such organization. But he loves the swamp something fierce and he’ll do anything to protect it from world-class alligator wrestler Jaeger Stitch, who wants to turn Sugar Man Swamp into an Alligator World Wrestling Arena and Theme Park.



onewhitedolphinOne White Dolphin
by Gill Lewis, illustrated by Raquel Aparicio
When a baby albino  dolphin  caught in old fishing netting washes ashore, Paralympics sailing hopeful Felix and English schoolgirl Kara work with veterinarians and specialists to save and reunite the  dolphin  with her mother, setting off a chain of events that might just save the reef from the environmental effects of proposed dredging.




Teen Fiction and Nonfiction (Ages 12 & up)

turnaroundDon’t Turn Around
by Michelle Gagnon
Sixteen-year-old Noa has been a victim of the system ever since her parents died. Now living off the grid and trusting no one, she uses her computer hacking skills to stay safely anonymous and alone. But when she wakes up on a table in an empty warehouse with an IV in her arm and no memory of how she got there, Noa starts to wish she had someone on her side. Enter Peter Gregory. A rich kid and the leader of a hacker alliance, Peter needs people with Noa’s talents on his team.



lostsunThe Lost Sun
by Tessa Gratton
In an alternate U.S.A. (the United States of Asgard), Soren Bearskin, the son of an infamous berserker, and Astrid Glyn, daughter of a renowned seer, embark on a road trip to find Baldur, the missing god whose absence has caused panic throughout the country.





belleBelle Epoque
by Elizabeth Ross
Sixteen-year-old Maude Pichon, a plain, impoverished girl in  Belle  Epoque  Paris, is hired by Countess Dubern to make her headstrong daughter, Isabelle, look more beautiful by comparison.   But Isabelle has no idea her new “friend” is the hired help, and Maude’s very existence among the aristocracy hinges on her keeping the truth a secret.

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