Houston Swords Summer Camp

Knight. Pirate. Ninja. Jedi. Fencer.
Whatever you want to be, learn to wield your sword at our summer camps for beginners and experienced fencers.
Fencing is a mental sport that rewards clever thinking – some call it physical chess. Fencers are not the biggest, the strongest, or the fastest athletes, but we tend to be some of the smartest. Does this describe you? If so, sign up for camp!
We teach fencing techniques and tactics through games, because kids learn through play. Every opponent is a new puzzle to solve, and every day you learn new ways to solve those puzzles. Students will learn the history of the sport, how to move, attack and defend, and have a chance to fence other beginners and test their skills.
Learn more about our camps by going to HoustonSwords.com/Camps.

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