Building Brains Lego Engineering Holiday Camps

City of West University Place<br>4210 Bellaire Boulevard,
West University Place,, TX, 77025


BUILDING BRAINS uses LEGO and KNEX educational kits to BUILD MATH and SCIENCE ( S.T.E.M.) skills. Students will BUILD SIMPLE MACHINES that really work, using gears, levers and pulleys, while BUILDING fine motor skills, sequential thinking skills, problem solving skills and confidence. 

This is truly an Engineering curriculum.

Projects include: Cars, Tops, Merry Go Rounds, Drills, Mixers, Cranes, Conveyor Belts, and more. We are not just building.


Please bring a drink and snack. 

 Sessions Offered:

9:00 am-12:00 pm  (Ages 3-5) 

803000 01                              Nov 20-Nov 24                                  M-W,F

803000 02                              Dec 18-Dec 22                                   M-F

                                                   Dec 26 - 29

Jan 2 - 5

9:00 am-4:00 pm  (Ages 3-5) 

Dec 26 - 29

Jan 2 - 5

1:00-4:00 pm  (Ages 6-11) 

803000 11                              Nov 20-Nov 24                           M-W,F

803000 12                              Dec 18-Dec 22                           M-F

9:00 am-4:00 pm (Ages 6-11) 

803000 21                              Nov 20-Nov 24                           M-W,F

803000 22                              Dec 18-Dec 22                           M-F

                                                  Dec 26 - 29

Jan 2 -5


Fees:  Session 01 & 11 $280R, $310NR

Session 02, 12 $350R, $380NR

Session 21,22 $450R, $480NR

Location: Scout House Room

No Class: Nov 23


 for ages 3 and up.

1/2 to 1/5 same as above.

At Building Brains, our motto is “We not only build simple machines and then motorize them, we build brains.” Building Brains holds three camps for students to grow their minds in the fields of mathematics, physics, engineering, and fine motor skills; After School Programs, Birthday Parties, and Camps.


Building Brains also provides educational enrichment for birthday parties. We will travel to the site of your party and supply fun and learning for children ages 3-14. Learn more on our Birthdays Page!


Kim Koenig is the Director of Building Brains. Her background includes 10 years of early childcare, substitute teaching, and managing a Computer Explorers Franchise for 2 years. For more information about Kim Koenig and the services Building Brains provides, please visit our about us page!

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