10 Simple DIY Christmas Decoration Hacks

10 Simple DIY Christmas Decoration Hacks. With Christmas fast approaching, many are looking for last minute additions to their Christmas decorations, while also putting their creative skills to the test with homemade decorations using standard household items which are not only fun but also sustainable.

Front Door Ribbon

Instead of a wreath this year, why not try out this idea that’s gained huge media attention, gaining a whopping 35 MILLION views on Tik Tok from user @bestofchristmass. Simply wrap a big ribbon around your door both horizontally and vertically, getting the entire family involved to create the most beautiful bow on your front door. 

Plastic Cup Light Balls

Make use of any leftover plastic cups by stapling them together to form an awesome homemade disco ball like user @juniperpointdesignco has impressively accomplished amassing an incredible 8 MILLION views! 

A Homemade Wreath with Baubles and Pinecones

User @honeybobabear caught the attention of TikTokers with more than 890,000 views having made a stunning wreath for her bedroom door by wrapping a garland around the wreath foundation and adding simple baubles, pinecones (which you could easily find outside!) and a little sprinkle of fake snow.

Painted Christmas Jars

User @rubyandharry1 created a 3-part video demonstrating what can be done with glass jars, white paint, ribbon, and some decorative greenery – another simple way to add an extra touch to your table or mantlepiece, amassing more than  438,000 views over the 3 parts(for parts 2 and 3)

Decorative Boxes made of Leftover Ribbon and Ornament Boxes

One of the most resourceful ideas you will find, with over 255,000 views, is demonstrated by TikTok user @lahlahlandhomedecor who shows how to make a beautiful set of decorative boxes out of common leftover items such as ribbon and ornament boxes. With a few battery-powered lights inside, this is a simple but effective way of giving your living room that little extra glow. 

Dried Decorative Fruits

Whether you opt for oranges, lemons, limes or even grapefruit, all you need to do is cook at 90 degrees Celsius for around 3 hours and you have a super versatile decorative piece that can be added to a tree or garland. TikToker @plantedinthewoods earned around 163,000 views for this simple festive hack. 

Coffee Filter Ornaments

For the caffeine lovers out there, a simple method to add the perfect touch to your Christmas decorations is to create a beautiful garland out of coffee filters and fabric dye. User @CelenaKinsey earned 132,000 views for this simple sustainable hack.

Clothes Peg Christmas Star

User @rlooply shares this fabulous sustainable creation, turning a few clothes pegs into a star that can hang on your tree or sit on the top, culminating in more than 121,000 views. Using just 8 clothes pegs, gently pull them apart by removing the spring, then using hot glue or super glue follow the simple guide in the video to make these beautiful stars.

3D Tree Decorations

With many different ideas for homemade tree decorations available, one that got people talking was using  an empty toilet roll and spraying it bronze  to create a beautiful angel decoration for your tree. This simple hack recognised by TikToker @rlooply has influenced 71,000 viewers to easily recreate it at home!

Mini Yarn Hats

Turn a ball of yarn into a garland of mini yarn hats as shown by user @beneschcrew, having tied looped yarn around a small circle of toilet paper cardboard until completely covered. Once tied together at the top it becomes a perfect mini woolie hat that can be put onto a garland or a tree. Another clever, popular and sustainable idea that has gained over 64,000 views.

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