17 Printable Family Trees: A Perfect Thanksgiving Activity!

We all have families, both big and small, near and far. They are the people we share many memories with, and the people who know us best. Each family is unique, so why note celebrate your special family ties by creating a family tree.

Whether you want to go the traditional route with a basic tree structure, or go for a more eccentric feel like a galactic family tree, any option you choose will be a great school project, family activity or gift to a family member. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite ideas, along with printables that you can use to craft the ultimate family tree.

1. Where Love Begins

This is the perfect family tree for an only child. It even dates back three generations! Print out this tree and fill out with your grandparents’ and great grandparents’ names. Click HERE for the printout.


2. Circle Family Tree

Take a modern spin on a family tree and try this circle family tree. This fun rendition of a typical tree makes it easy to fill out relative’s names up to great grandparents. Click HERE for the printout.

3. Dot Family Tree

Give your little ones a family tree that they can fully customize with the dot family tree. With printable color coordinated circles, kids can cut and paste their corresponding family members onto the tree branches, including step parents and step siblings! Click HERE for the printout.

4. Potted Plant Family Tree

Have your kids fill out the boxes with appropriate names on this potted plant family tree. They’ll love the floral accents, and you’ll love how simple it is to fill out. Click HERE for the printout.

5. Balloon Family Tree

Print out this adorable family tree made up of all balloons! Hang on the fridge or gift the masterpiece to grandma and grandpa. Click HERE for the printout.

Here are some other ideas to choose from:

6. Galactic Family Tree

For a family tree that’s out of this world, print out the galactic family tree. This is a great tree to frame and put in the kids’ room or play room. Click HERE for the printout.

7. Peacock Family Tree

Try a beautiful alternative to a regular tree with our peacock family tree. This peacock tree has empty circles, so kids can fill them however they’d like. Click HERE for the printout.

8. Our Family Milestones Wall Art

For a family tree that stands out, try a tree branch on a framed print or canvas. Let mom and dad be the start of the branch, and include extra events such as wedding anniversaries or buying your first home. For the other branches, add siblings. This is ideal for a large family! Click HERE for the printout.

9. Hand Drawn Family Tree

If you have artistic skill, consider hand drawing a family tree like the one Chris Loves Julia created. Place dots next to family members who have children, and put your name at the trunk of the tree. Click HERE for the printout.

10. Vintage Family Tree

For a vintage family tree feel, consider a DIY chalkboard family tree. Your Home Based Mom photo copied photos of relatives and labeled the appropriate family members using basic white chalk. Click HERE for the printout.


11. Vinyl Family Tree

Create a vinyl family tree with this comprehensive step-by-step guide. This is the perfect accent to a family or play room, and the tree branches are also beautiful wall art! Click HERE for the printout.

12. Oversized Metal Family Tree Sculpture and Frames

Showcase your roots with our metal family tree sculpture and frames. Insert family photos in the appropriate frames, or use the branches to attach photos. Whether you want to display one person per picture, or an array of many relatives, the options are endless. Click HERE for the printout.

13. Handprint Photo Family Tree

For an adorable family tree idea, try a handprint photo family tree. Outline your child’s hand on a piece of paper. Then cut it out and use it to trace over your favorite family photos. Finally, add a trunk with the word, “family” on the bottom to tie the tree together. Click HERE for the printout.


14. Quilt Family Tree

For an alternative family tree idea, create a quilt with handprints for different family members. Get creative with colors and patterns; it’s up to you how many handprints you want to include. Click HERE for the printout.


15. Family Tree Art

Create a beautiful display of your family by following this family tree art tutorial. Using a standard computer tool, create a tree using names of your relatives in the font of your choice. For the leaves of the tree, include the country that each family member originated from beside his or her name. Click HERE for the printout.


16. Family Photo Ornaments

For a more unique tree idea, consider family photo ornaments. These are perfect as gifts for loved ones, or as ornaments to hang on a holiday tree. Take vintage or recent photo of relatives and place on crystals from any craft store. Attach them to a beaded thread to hang. Check out Jennuine for more tips on how to create these beautiful pendants. Click HERE for the printout.


17. Family Tree of Hearts Canvas

To create a beautiful accent in your living room, consider the family tree of hearts canvas. This canvas is customizable to your family, with the option to include up to 24 people. With this many hearts, you can even add your pet to the tree! Click HERE for the printout.


Every family is unique. Traditional or modern, big or small, families are an important part of who we are and where we came from. Going back in time to review your family history is an enlightening and exciting experience, and the options to display your family are endless! Click HERE for the printout.

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