Safe and Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Little Ones

Many Texas parents are looking for fun and creative crafts that help them explore the concept of thankfulness this Thanksgiving. The Goddard School education experts put together fun and creative family friendly Thanksgiving crafts for kids and families to enjoy while learning what it means to be thankful.

  • Turkey Tracks: Where did the Thanksgiving turkey go? Follow the tracks to see! Your child will enjoy this activity while learning spatial relationships, developing fine motor skills and getting creative. 
    • Materials:
      • Pipe cleaners.
      • Paint in assorted fall colors.
      • Paper plate.
      • Paper.
    • Directions:
      1. Help your child bend a pipe cleaner in half to make the turkey’s legs, and then bend the ends of the pipe cleaner on each side to make the turkey’s feet. Make one set of turkey feet for each color of paint you use.
      2. Pour each color of paint onto a paper plate to create a palette.
      3. Have your child dip the pipe cleaners into the paint and make “turkey tracks” on a piece of paper.
  • Thanksgiving Place Cards: Help your child get involved with the Thanksgiving festivities by creating place cards for the dinner table. This activity supports writing, counting and creative skills while connecting to those you love.
    • Materials:
      • Cardstock.
      • Scissors.
      • Crayons and markers.
      • Glue.
      • A variety of craft supplies.
    • Directions:
      1. Talk with your child about the family members and friends who will be attending your Thanksgiving dinner.
      2. Cut the cardstock to twice the desired size of the place cards, and then fold them in half to make tents. Slightly larger place cards will be easier for a little one to decorate!
      3. Help your child write each person’s name on a place card.
      4. Let your child get creative and start decorating them any way your child would like.
      5. When setting the table for Thanksgiving dinner, let your child put out the place cards.

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