Eeboo Products are Good for You


No matter what you’re celebrating, nothing is better than the joy of children when they open up a perfectly selected gift. eeBoo has been creating “Always Good,” beautiful, safe, and sustainable gifts, toys, and games for 3 decades and this year they have released their largest holiday collection to date with games and puzzles for every child’s individual personality in mind.

Here are a few of our favorite ones:


For An Artist

  • Striped Biggies and Sketchpad: Pleasing, chunky pencils with foiled stripes and high-quality colors, packaged with three themes: Sharks, Woodland Friends, and Magical Creatures. Pair them for a beautiful gift. ($17.99)


For A Foodie

  • Picnic Game: Spin for picnic gear and goodies– main course, fruit, vegetable, dessert, and more. Be the first to fill your plate with something from each category and you win! Don’t spin Ants or you will lose a turn!Children love to make their own choices.  AN OPPENHEIM GOLD AWARD WINNER ($23.99)


For An Astronomer

  • Solar System 48 Piece puzzle: This extra-large floor puzzle is packed with detail and educational opportunities. Includes a colorful 20” x 16” poster identifying the planets, scientific instruments, facts and figures as well as some of the newest and most exciting discoveries. AN OPPENHEIM GOLD AWARD WINNE ($21.99)


For A Paleontologist


For An Actor

  • sloth-in-a-hurry-shaped-spinner-game: A fast-moving improvisation game for all ages that combines creative thinking and a sense of humor. A player draws a WHO card, a WHAT card, then spins for HOW, and briefly acts out the combination. Sometimes challenging, always a lot of fun. AN OPPENHEIM GOLD AWARD WINNER. ($23.99)








For the Good Friend:

  • I Never Forget a Face: While developing patience and memory skills, children are introduced to the inspiring diversity of 24 warm and accessible children from cultures around the world, opening doors to empathy and discovery. The back cover identifies each child’s home country. An eeBoo Classic!  Introduces diversity while reinforcing positive familiarity with people from other countries and cultures and celebrating difference while developing patience and memory skills. ($21.99)

All products are available for purchase on  and select retailers nationwide


Why We Love These Products: 

  •     Woman owned * Mother run, well known and well-loved for 3 decades
  •     Curriculum for the Whole Child with Old School values made Fresh
  •     Meaningful Moments of interaction and Opportunities for Intergenerational communication
  •     Always Good
  •     Safe and Sustainable
  •     Encourages independent and creative thinking
  •     Opportunities for play and emotional growth away from screens

Their Story


Our vision is to inspire and support a lifetime of empathy, creativity, and curiosity.

We’re on a mission to create beautiful products to be enjoyed and shared across generations: Old School skills and values made fresh and made to last with sustainably sourced materials.

Woman Owned & Mother Run

Over twenty-five years ago, I wanted to create a new paradigm for what it meant to be a working mother. I refused to accept the compromise of work versus family. My office was in the basement, where I could be close to my kids and they could experience what we did. My husband Saxton and I put in long hours, and along with the help of friends and family, we grew our business while raising our children. Parenting in the same realm as a home-based business clarified our values. As we were encouraging creative thinking, open-ended play, and meaningful communication in our young children, we were also infusing them into the products we developed.

For over 27 years we have made products that reflect our commitment to family, community, cooperation, inclusion, respect, and the power of honest communication. As our children grew into adults we realized that at every age we should take time to play and create opportunities to spend time together as a family, and so the Piece & Love puzzle brand was born. A natural expansion of the eeBoo lifestyle into adulthood.


A healthy planet is our priority. We use minimal packaging and plastic components, recycled materials, and vegetable-based inks. We can also now proudly say that we are expanding our commitment to sustainability by using FSC®-certified paper. By choosing FSC®-certified products, you are supporting responsible management of the world’s forests to preserve biological diversity and benefit the lives of workers and local communities while sustaining economic viability. eeBoo’s FSC License code is FSC-N003607.

As of 2022 eeBoo is certified Climate Neutral by ClimatePartner. We achieve this by calculating, reducing, and offsetting CO₂ emissions on a yearly basis. See eeBoo’s current carbon offset project here.

We also believe in reducing waste, which is why quality is so important to us. Our products are designed with such care that they can be handed down and used again and again.

eeBoo products are safety tested to exceed the most stringent safety standards.

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