Yorkshire Academy Honored as Ocean Guardian School

yorkshire academy ocean guardian school

ocean guardian school yorkshire academy


Yorkshire Academy Houston has been honored as the inaugural Ocean Guardian School by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), receiving a prestigious 5-year award for their exceptional dedication to marine conservation and environmental education. This recognition, the first of its kind in Houston, applauds the school’s innovative initiatives and educational programs that promote ocean and environmental literacy among students.

In a special ceremony, Yorkshire Academy’s students and their teacher, Jacqui Stanley, were presented with this prestigious award. Catch the inspiring moment as Yorkshire students and Mrs. Stanley receive this accolade on ABC13 News, showcasing their commitment to environmental stewardship and setting a remarkable example for schools nationwide.

According to the NOAA, here’s what an Ocean Guardian School is:

An Ocean Guardian School makes a commitment to the protection and conservation of its local watersheds, the world’s ocean, and special ocean areas, like national marine sanctuaries. The school makes this commitment by proposing and then implementing a school- or community-based conservation project.

ocean guardian school

An Ocean Guardian School:

  • provides project(s) for students related to the conservation of local watersheds, the world’s ocean, and/or special ocean areas, like national marine sanctuaries.
  • provides opportunities for students, teachers, parents and friends to participate in a range of environmental and sustainable activities.
  • provides learning programs and opportunities that reflect environmentally sustainable practices that enable all students to be environmentally active and committed “Ocean Guardians.”
  • provides ways for classrooms to promote best environmental practices within local communities, while at the same time projecting a positive image of the school itself.

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