Houston, A Picture of Family Life


Houston Through the Years:

As the heart of the Texas business and cultural scene, Houston is known across America and
internationally for its vibrant industries, entertainment scene, and some of the best family living
in the United States.

But how did the city grow from its humble beginnings after the Mexican War to become the
powerhouse house it is today?

The city of Houston has contributed hugely to the cultural life of the United States and continues
to be one of the best large metropolitan areas to raise a family. Here Are some of the city’s
highlights that have shaped its culture over the years and put it on the map.

Houston’s beginnings: built on victory and independence

Houston’s independent, frontier spirit traces its origins to 1836 when Sam Houston defeated
Santa Anna’s army to secure independence for Texas forever. The battle may be long over, but
the spirit of Texan patriotism and independent thinking has shaped Houston for centuries.
Today, the city is home to some of the most advanced scientific and technological research
undertaken in the United States.

● The Johnson Space Center, which has been operating since 1961, brought hundreds of
millions of Americans together to witness the launches of NASA’s famous Apollo space
● The phrase “Houston, we have a problem” may have originated from one tricky mission,
but the city certainly didn’t have a problem hosting some of the pivotal moments in the
history of humanity’s exploration of space.

The space industry continues to employ a large number of Houstonians and has provided the
backdrop for several famous movies including Apollo 13. Pride in America’s achievements
during the space race of the 20th century rings strong and true in Houston as many local
residents played important roles in the missions.

Sporting achievements underscore Houston’s athletic spirit.

Anyone who is a fan of NFL football will immediately recognize the Houston Texans, longtime
rivals of the Dallas Cowboys since the team’s creation in 2002.

From college and league football to the NFL, the state sport of Texas is perpetually popular in
Houston, drawing thousands of spectators throughout the year and providing plenty of dinner
conversations at home.

The annual Super Bowl wouldn’t be complete without a traditional Texas barbecue, and with so
much of family life revolving around football, Houston continues its reputation as a wholesome
family destination where kids learn the importance of fitness and teamwork, and avoid the perils
of excessive online gaming and unsupervised activities.

● Football may be the king of sports in Texas, but Houston is also Home to a variety of
other impressive teams, including the Rockets and Arrows.
● When Houstonians aren’t playing basketball, football, and other popular sports they
enjoy some of the best golf in the Southwest with courses like Cypress Wood and
Augusta Pines providing hours of relaxation and fitness for the whole family.

With sports at the heart of many families, along with various faiths and community activities,
Houston continues to be a haven for parents in search of a safe and vibrant community to raise
their children.

A vibrant patriotic society where democracy thrives

Texans have always been patriotic, and this culture continues today with citizens of the
Lonestar state voting actively and electing officials at local, state, and congressional level to
represent their best interests.

As the 2024 election approaches, Texas has to offer total freedom to its citizens in the race
between Donald Trump (-110) and Joe Biden (+175), as odds to bet on next president
speculate the potential winner – Houston residents can rest easy knowing that their political
views remain a private and protected matter. Creating a society that is tolerant and believes in
the right of each individual to decide their own political and religious beliefs has always been at
the heart of the city’s culture and remains a core value this year and beyond.

A city of ever- expanding green spaces

Houston’s first public space, the must-visit Emancipation Park, was established in 1872. Since
then, the city has expanded its public spaces to include safe, scenic and green areas where
families can get together, enjoy picnics, and barbecues, practice their favorite sports, and
contribute to the community spirit for which Houston is so well-known.

Bookworms can enjoy the Julia Ideson library named for the state’s first head librarian and
trailblazer for women’s empowerment in the early 20th century.

Wrapping up: Houston remains one of the best destinations for family life

Over the years, Houston has evolved a unique culture, combining sporting prowess, science
and technology achievements, the traditional cultures of the western US with a tolerant
approach to modern politics at a time when freedom of choice is essential.

Families living in Houston or planning to relocate in the near future can look forward to safe
neighborhoods, an excellent school system, a culture that mixes traditional values with modern
living, and patriotic, neighborly citizens, who open their arms and minds to like-minded

With a great history of family traditions, Houston is the ideal place to enjoy a way of life that is
fast disappearing in many parts of the world today. As we look ahead to the next few decades,
there’s no doubt Houston will continue to flourish, with new events and traditions adding extra
excitement and richness to the city’s cultural offerings.

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