Houston SPCA turns 100!



As the Houston SPCA commemorates a century of service, its impact is evident in the lives of the countless millions of animals they have served.  Today, the organization is one of the most comprehensive animal welfare rescue and protection organizations in the US.   Its state-of-the-art, 12-acre campus not only provides sanctuary and healing to animals in need but also serves as an educational hub for the community to foster a love and respect for all living beings.

Patricia Mercer

“This significant milestone in our organization’s history demonstrates our steadfast commitment to protecting animals who suffer from neglect and abuse, and the unwavering pursuit of justice on their behalf,” said Patricia Mercer, president and chief executive officer at Houston SPCA.  “It’s also a time to envision the future of animal welfare in Houston and the gulf coast region where we must continue to innovate, recognizing that the journey towards a more compassionate world for animals is constant,” added Mercer.  Mercer joined the Houston SPCA in 1984 and for the past 40 years has led the rescue and protection organization into what is now one of the largest and most comprehensive animal welfare organizations in the country.


A Voice for the Voiceless for 100 Years!

Community leaders established Houston SPCA 100 years ago to meet the needs of animals in Houston, and we have always put their care and wellbeing first in everything we do. An iconic Houston nonprofit, our organization has grown along with our beloved city, and we have continually adapted our efforts to help the animals in our community best. Since our inception, Houston SPCA has saved and provided services for millions of animals.

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