Innovative ways for kids to learn about the world


The world is changing faster and profoundly than ever before making a child’s relationship
with the world exciting & wondrous. And builds their brains, too.

Educating the children about world cultures helps them to appreciate the different
traditions and its’ people. Using innovative teaching techniques can help create a dynamic
environment that will foster the child’s love of learning about the world.

Fortunately, many helpful resources are available to help find the best creative method to
teach your child about the world.

Here are some ways you can incorporate global learning or multicultural lessons into your
child’s curriculum and make them open their eyes to the world around them.

Go on a cruise

Traveling by sea is often the best option for kids and family to have a vacation full of
entertainment, culinary experiences and an opportunity to splash and play for even the tiny

Cruising offers an opportunity for the kids to engage in organised activities where they can
expand their horizon about the world by meeting other youngsters from different countries.

Crew members and local experts also teach the child about the history and culture of the
region they are cruising through, both while on the ship and through shore excursions.

Celebrate International Holidays

Holidays offer the perfect excuse not only to have fun,but to learn about different places as
well. Every culture has its own unique way of celebration and who doesn’t love a party?

Choose a holiday,like Christmas or New Year,that is celebrated in most parts of the world
and learn about the history and the traditions associated with them.

You can also find holidays that are specific to a region like Chinese New Year, to learn more
about Asia.

Read engaging multicultural literature

Parents, as teachers, like to read out to their kids from time to time.By incorporating
multicultural folktales and nonfiction books that feature kids’ real lives, the child can learn
about the communities from different countries.

Make the child read books that show more than one side of the story,like books from
different countries about kids in urban and suburban settings.

Rural South Africa,for example,is not just a vast stretch of land,but a region known for its
abundant wildlife and stunning scenery.

Learn new things

You may not know the answer to every question, but you are willing to learn. This positive

attitude helps instill the seeds to a lifelong love for learning.

Learning,in any form,is an important part of any culture.You can do so by learning a new
language or incorporating music and some songs throughout the week.YouTube,for
example,has tons of videos that introduce vocabulary in different languages.

Next,practice reading and writing the words you have learnt in order to hone your emerging
language skills.In the end find some bilingual books at the library to connect with fellow
students that use the same language in context.

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