Kidventure Celebrates 30 Years


Founded in 1994, Kidventure creates after-school enrichment, day camp, and overnight summer camp youth programs focused on adventure and character development

Our journey has been about nurturing the hearts and minds of thousands of children through the power of camp. Through adventure, love, and purpose, we teach kids that nothing is impossible.”
— Mike McDonell

Kidventure Camps, a pioneer in providing memorable summer camp experiences for youth in Texas, announces its thirtieth anniversary in 2024. The family-owned company boasts three uninterrupted decades of producing camps focused on youth character development, outdoor adventure, and experiential education.

“We are proud that we are a trusted name among parents and a cherished tradition for multiple generations now,” said Mike McDonell, Founder and President of Kidventure.

The company states that its camps are dedicated to shaping the lives of children through exceptional summer and after-school programs, with a particular mandate to inspire personal growth, foster teamwork, and instill a lifelong love for the outdoors.

Kidventure Camps are among the most attended youth camps in Texas, expanding programming to include Austin and Dallas-Forth Worth areas. In the summer of 2023, Houston’s Kidventure Camps ran camps at 31 locations statewide.

“Over the years, Kidventure has served as a launching pad for countless young explorers, leaving an indelible mark on their lives through camp experiences that built their self-confidence, formed lasting friendships, and created unforgettable memories in a safe and supportive environment,” McDonell added.

The company estimates that it has served forty thousand campers in thirty years.

“We started in such a different world, yet the world needs camp now more than ever, “ McDonell said.

Kidventure was founded in 1994 in Houston, Texas as the internet was introduced to mainstream society, over a decade before the advent of social media and smartphones.

“Camp creates a unique opportunity for our kids by fostering personal growth, resilience and building connections, which is vital, now more than ever, to enhance their own mental health and wellbeing,” said Taylor Blunsen, LCSW, a pediatric mental health professional in Austin, Texas.

The CDC reported in 2023 that the mental health of youth in the United States was in decline.

“It can feel hard for kids to feel that they matter in a world as big and complicated as ours., stated Kristin Morrison, M.Ed., M.A., an Educational Consultant and Founding Director of Houston-based Mindful Learning. “Every child needs to feel that they belong and that they matter. Camp experiences allow children to connect through experiences that foster fun and encourage personal growth in real and meaningful ways,” she added. “The need for real and meaningful experiences has never been more crucial than now.”

Planned a series of events and initiatives throughout the year to commemorate the milestone, including:

Anniversary Campfire Gala – A gathering of current campers, alumni, and families to celebrate the rich history and enduring spirit of Kidventure.

Wright-Power Scholarship Fund – Kidventure launches its flagship scholarship fund to ensure that more children have access to our life-changing programs.

New Adventures- Introducing “New Adventures”, a new original series of innovative camp programs tailored to the contemporary needs of youth.

“As Kidventure Camps enters its fourth decade, we are as dedicated as ever to providing children with the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow,” said McDonell. “Our team of passionate and trained staff, our premier host facilities, and our commitment to instilling important life skills make Kidventure the go-to choice for parents seeking a remarkable summer camp experience.”

For more information on Kidventure, visit www.kidventure.com for event details and registration information.

About Kidventure Camps:
Kidventure Camps has been a trusted provider of summer camp experiences for children since 1994. With a dedication to fostering personal growth, teamwork, and a love for the outdoors, Kidventure continues to be a leader in youth development and adventure-based education. Kidventure operates 31 campsites, six after-school programs, and Overnight Camp in the Texas Hill Country. Kidventure will serve approximately 9,000 children in 2024 through its programs.

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Kidventure Celebrates 30 Years of Nurturing Kids

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