Meet Sebastian Stan- The Winter Solider

IMPORTANT FANDEMIC Sebastian Stan Announcement: Date Change 8/9/18 – PLEASE READ

Houston, we have a problem! But Houston, we also have a SOLUTION!

As you’ll have it – the ever popular Sebastian Stan will not be able to attend our event September 14 – 16th, 2018. HOWEVER, fear not! Next Thursday, August 9th at the NRG Center, Sebastian will be making a one day appearance, and honoring all VIPs, autographs, photo ops and those exclusive Meet and Greet tickets that have been purchased.
Due to the exclusivity of the new Sebastian appearance, we are now able to offer further purchasing options for those who may have missed out, but would like to attend August 9th to see Sebastian.
  • More photo ops are now available for purchase.
  • It is also likely that within the next 48 hours we will open up more VIPs and Meet and Greets – but we are not sure yet. 
  • Single day passes that include a photo op, and three day passes that include a photo op are also available. These get you into the August event, as well as the September event.
The event will commence 9am with the Coffee With Sebastian Meet and Greet, on Thursday August 9th, 2018 at the NRG Center. Doors open at 10am, and if you’re a VIP you’re first and flexible to meet Sebastian! 3 Day ticket holders will have second priority, followed by our single day pass holders. The event will run until approximately 5pm. Every ticket sold, whatever type, will be honored.
Also PLEASE NOTE you must hold a Sebastian Photo Op, VIP or Autograph to gain access to the August 9th event. Also NOTE your admission tickets will be valid for August 9th, as well as the September dates of the event. There is no additional charge to attend on August 9th, 2018. However, you must bring your September ticket to be scanned.
Sebastian, his team and the Fandemic team have worked very hard to offer you this one day appearance and to honor your purchases. Despite filming three (yes, three!) movies simultaneously, Sebastian is adament about his commitments. And because we care about YOU, our clients, and Sebastian has the utmost respect for YOU, his fans – we’ve come together to offer the best solution possible.
Standby for more event options and details, and thank you for your patronage. We are grateful and will do everything we can to ensure you have an amazing day in August, as well as weekend in September.