Travel Tips from the Points Guy

HFM asked for a couple of money-saving travel tips from The Points Guy, a website focusing on rewards programs and other airline and hotel travel tips.

  1. Points and miles from rewards programs should be looked at and valued like cash. Start by knowing what vacation you want to use your points for and then work toward that goal.
  2. Take advantage of sudden deals like SWA’s famous flash sales on both domestic and international routes. Be prepared to act quickly — the deals don’t last long.
  3. Even if you’re not planning on flying or applying for credit cards, you can earn points or miles without stepping on a plane. Just shop online with an airline shopping portal.
  4. Using Google Flights’ map tool, allows you to enter your departing airport and dates, and then click around to cities around the world to find out how much a trip will cost you. Sometimes international flights — even to Asia and Europe — are less expensive than if you were to fly domestically.
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