20 websites for teaching kids how to program and code


As a 36 year old web and marketing guy that made his first HTML website at the age of 21, it amazes me to see my 6 & 8 year old kids navigating through sites and apps on their computer and tablets with such ease.  More amazing is when I hear about kids in elementary school learning to build sites, programs and apps.  

If you have one of those young programmers or want to introduce some resources to your kids so they can become a cool coding kid, here’s 20 links for you.  

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1. KidsRuby: Makes is easy to learn to code.

2. MIT App Inventor: Speaks for itself. Probably more for Middle School aged children and above.

3. Alice: an introduction to creating simple animated movies and video games through simple object-oriented programming.

4. Scratch: a pretty cool way to start programming movies, games and interactive stories. Perfect for children about 8 and up.

5. Kodu. A visual programming language for pc.

6. Teaching Kids Programming: a non-profit organization whose website is filled with resources to teach or learn to code from 10 years old and up.

7. Move the Turtle: App for kids 5 and over.

8. Hopscotch: Another brilliant app (apps are easy and visual for younger learners!).

9. Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers: Though I usually don’t exactly promote these types of games, this combat game teaches the basics of coding while battling robots.

10. Daisy the dinosaur: An easy visual app for all ages, drag and drop still teaches the principles of programming!

11. Cargo-Bot: A puzzle game created entirely on iPad, for all ages.

12. Robot Turtles: My kids love this board game (3-8 year old), a simple game that sneaks in coding basics. A Kickstarter success!

13. Primo: Another Kickstarter must for 4-7 year olds, “Primo is a playful physical programming interface that teaches children programming logic without the need for literacy”

14. Sphero: An amazing ball robot you can program and interact with in many many many different ways, whether you are a small child or an adult. A must-see web site for all the details.

15. Raspberry-Pi: A tiny card sized computer that plugs into a tv and can be used for electronics projects.

16. Lego Mindstorms: Probably the first toys to teach programming basics ever.

17. Terrapin Logo: A language that enables you to learn by doing. They also have products that can be used to teach using their language.

18. Hello Ruby: A book that teaches programming skills through activities as well as stories.

19. Hello World!: Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners: Another good book to learn at whatever age.

20. Super Scratch Programming Adventure!: Learn to Program By Making Cool Games: A book in quite a series to learn different principles within programming.

Image credit: Business Insider

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