DIY Kids Play TeePee


Here’s a pretty cool DIY project that your kids will absolutely love and shouldn’t set you back more than $50.  You can thank Ana White Homemaker for creating this Play TeePee tutorial that anybody with basic sewing skills can pull off.  Unfortunately I’m not even close to having “basic/beginner” skills but I do have a mother and mother-in-law that I’m sure would love to make their grand kids happy.

Here’s what you need to buy

4 – 1×2 @ 8 feet long
4 yards of webbing
4 yards 60” wide cotton canvas or duck fabric
Sewing Notions

Here’s the step-by-step Tutorial

Here’s a few tips from TheLilypad Cottage.

TIP #1  The original plans called for ribbon to be used and actually Jaime from That’s My Letter made this tent on her blog too and suggested using nylon webbing.  I used the nylon webbing method too, but we were having trouble with it fraying.  So either melt the ends with a match (I tried this after the whole thing was sewed together and almost started the tent on fire…yeah, that would have been not cool…) or use a zig zag stitch to secure the ends (my mother-in-laws recommendation after learning about my pyrotechnics).

TIP #2 Once you get your whole tent pinned together – BEFORE sewing, make sure the wood poles will fit through your loops…I’m not saying our’s didn’t fit and we had to rip the whole thing apart…twice…I’m just saying, you know, maybe double check…

TIP #3 There was a lot of excess wood sticking up on the top of the tent because you are supposed to use 8 ft boards, I had 1 foot cut off the end to make them 7 ft long and a little more manageable.

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