I am an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGOS)

Hi, my name is Dad, and I am an AFOL. I am parent to an FFOL and a KFOL, but married to a NLP.

I distinctly remember having Legos as a child, and playing with them numerous time. But what happened to these sets or why I lost interest, I’m not sure. We will call those my Dark Ages. But I can still clearly see red, blue and yellow houses that I created, being torn down and rebuilt over and over again.

Enter my FFOL. I started purchasing the female line of Legos, completely fascinated with the schemes and designs they had created. Seriously, a fishing line to catch a shark….something that both child and I could play with. I can’t imagine that I was only buying them for her, when I was making specials trips to the store just to purchase them.

Fast forward 23 years and meet my KFOL. I always considered my daughter and myself purists. Follow the directions, compare to the pictures….never quite gluing the pieces, but resisting that urge tremendously each time. Leaving the sets built on the shelf for months at a time. But my now 7 years old boy has done his best to break me of my bad habits. Not only is he fascinated with mini figs, and redesigning them as mix and match characters. But he will do this 10 times before I have even completed building bag one of any set. Interrupting constantly to show me his new alien/pig/witch hybrid. Fascinating, yet very distracting, as I’m trying to match my pieces to the pictures. I consider myself very artistic and quite handy with tools and my hands. I can picture and create a garden in my mind. But Lego pieces must be done in order!!!! 

The video chats I receive at work to show his newest creations, completely floor me. How can you build such a crazy airplane out of those pieces, where do you get those ideas. Teach me child, teach me!!!!

Watching the LEGO Brickumentary, the smile on my face grew as I was envisioned myself diving into all those bricks. Swimming for hours in all that plastic, trying to create my ultimate masterpiece. Because now I see that I am an ALE, thanks to my children and the people in this movie. Their enthusiasm and desire to create their ultimate vision makes this a warm and happy tale. Intermingled with some history and story lines that make this a documentary worth seeing. Put down the pieces for an hour and a half and go meet your twins and idols. The people that make this much more than a kids toy. That have created the 2nd largest toy manufacturer in the world. That are constantly opening up their minds and letting us in to help develop this wonderful worldwide pastime. And don’t feel sorry for the man working on his LEGO movie in his mom’s garage. But maybe  be like me, a bit jealous and certainly envious of his passion and commitment.

Now if you will excuse me, but I believe there is a LEGO Death Star online somewhere with my name on it!!!!!
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