ASK TEENA: A Boy Likes Me…I’m Not Feeling It! Valentines Day = Awkward



There’s this boy that REALLY likes me. We have three classes together and I just found out he is going to ask me out on Valentine’s Day. I have always been really nice to him because he’s a super nice guy but I just don’t like him as a potential boyfriend. UGH What do I do? I don’t want to hurt his feelings and I’m afraid he won’t want to be friends after he finds out how I feel. We text but I’ve never given him any signs that I would want to date him. Now things are just weird. HELP!

Maria – 8th Grade

Hi Maria,

Don’t panic! This actually happens more often than you might think. Today, we depend on texting and social media to express our feelings, and it’s really easy to jump to conclusions, especially when we want to believe our crush likes us back. I think it’s really awesome that you two have been friends and can text each other. Having guy friends is so important. My guy friends always give me great advice when it comes to other guys and they always have your back! Your guy seems to like you so much that he wants to believe you must like him back.

Valentine’s Day is an epic day to ask a girl out. I can totally understand your nervousness and your fear of the relationship going from friends to non existent. I know it’s easier to get a friend to tell him your true feelings but trust me, this is definitely not a good idea. You will lose his respect AND you will be more likely to lose his friendship because of the awkwardness. I would catch him after school (Don’t talk during class or lunch) and really be honest. Tell him you heard the rumor and tell him how you feel and how your friendship is important. Try not to make it out to be a huge deal. He will be embarrassed and probably even try to deny it. Then he will go home and be even more embarrassed because you don’t feel the same way. In time, things will go back to normal. If they don’t and if he doesn’t try to talk to you anymore, then the friendship doesn’t mean enough to him. Learn from this and move on. My Mom always tells me…”Swim with Salmon…they are strong and are considered high quality. Leave the bottom feeders alone!”

I hope this helps and I hope that you find your “Prince Charming” along the way.