Bullied 8-Year Old Boy Grew Out His Hair for 2 years So He Could Donate It


Classmates called him a girl. Adults and coaches asked him to cut his hair and even offered to pay him to cut it. 8-year old Christian McPhilamy ignored those people for over 2 years just so he could help some kids he’s never met. 

It all started back in 2012 when Christian saw a St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital commercial about a boy who lost his hair from cancer.  The commercial touched Christian and when he and his mom searched for more information about St. Jude’s in Google, a hair donation charity popped up. Christian then told his Mom he wanted to donate his hair. 

“I was blown away,” said his Mother. “Usually when Christian sets his mind to something, he pretty much goes with it. He doesn’t let anything falter his goals. I was pretty confident that he was actually going to follow through with it.” 

The problem was Christian didn’t have much hair on his head. With his mother’s approval, he decided to grow his hair out.  


Flash forward 2 and half years later and Christian was ready for his haircut. 

“My hands were shaking. My heart felt like it was going to explode,” said his mother about the haircut. “It was just incredible.”


The result was four 10-inch long sections of hair which he donated to the Children With Hair Loss charity

“It’s definitely inspiring to see kids starting so young with wanting to help and do good deeds.” said Christine Wong, COO of the charity.


Source: Today.com
Photos: Deeanna Thomas

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