Enjoying that First Sip of Coffee In the Morning

By Meagan Ruffing

Summer has come and gone and the lives of us moms are about to get back into full swing with all things school-related. With the passing of longer days comes the anticipation of cool, crisp nights and warm, tucked in children come evening time.

Why not start the beginning of your fall calendar with a long sip of hot coffee to start each, early day? After all, coffee does have more than 1,000 antioxidants and is a proven stimulant to keep that body of yours in motion at least a few hours upon consumption. Read through this simple list of ideas for an easy and orderly start to your day – starting with that first sip of coffee in the morning.

C – Coffee. Get your coffee prepped the night before. Whether it’s your Keurig machine or an instant cup of Joe, laying out your favorite mug and spoon for when you awake can save even the most organized mama a few minutes each morning.

O – Open your eyes to what is going on around you. Do the kids need help getting their backpacks ready for school? Or does the dog need to be let outside before you leave for your child’s carpool? Pay attention to what is going on around you while sipping on your most delicious cup of coffee.

F – Forget about the worries from yesterday and the things you have to do tomorrow and just live in the moment for today. Sitting down for a few minutes each morning to gather your thoughts and inhale the rich aroma of coffee beans can have a relaxing effect. Not only will it benefit you and your stress level but your kids will feel the difference in your mood when you are not so wound up.

F – Fill up. Be sure to include a healthy breakfast alongside your coffee. Some people like to have that first sip before anyone else gets up or before eating anything at all. Others like to dip their breakfast scones, muffins or donuts in their coffee while they ‘wake up’ for the morning. Whatever your preferred method of eating breakfast is – make sure you have some. It does a body good.

E – Enjoy the taste. Coffee can be such a yummy, relaxing drink. Nothing says ‘Good Morning’ like the smell of coffee wafting through the house on a cool, crisp morning. Enjoy every sip and linger in the taste of your favorite coffee flavor before your crazy, busy day begins.

E – Early risers. If you have early risers in the house…say, before 7am…let them be a part of your daily coffee ritual. Holding a yawning baby on your hip and smelling her sweet breath across your face while you press the ‘roast’ button, is cure for any type of early morning wake up call. If you have school-aged children, let them help out by getting your cream and sugar ready. Kids love to help their parents; especially when they see how pleasing it is to mom and dad. Take this simple opportunity to let them know that you appreciate them and talk about the day’s events to come.

Meagan Ruffing is a freelance parenting writer and mother to Dylan and Hannah. She looks forward to drinking her one cup of coffee each morning that she gets excited to go to bed at night. 

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