Little League Coach gives his team an emotional post-loss speech that will leave you in tears

Viewers of the Little League World Series on ESPN were treated by a surprising and emotional post loss speech by Rhode Island coach David Belisle who proudly spoke to his team of fighters after a 1 point loss. 

“I’m gonna bring back with me and the coaching staff are gonna bring back and you guys are gonna bring back something no other team can provide but you guys, and that’s pride. Pride. You’re gonna take that for the rest of our life, what you provided for a town in Cumberland. You had the whole place jumping. You had the whole state jumping. You had New England jumping. You had ESPN jumping. You know why? Because they like fighters.”

“It’s OK to cry because we’re not going to play baseball together any more. But we’re going to be friends forever. Friends forever. I love you guys. I’m gonna love you forever. You’ve given me the most precious moment in my athletic and coaching career, and I’ve been coaching a long time – a looong time. I’m getting to be an old man. I need memories like this, I need kids like this. You’re all my boys. You’re the boys of summer.”

The speech then ended with a group hug that probably left a few viewers at home with a tear in their eye. 


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