Mommy Moments: The Everyday Lives of Houston Moms

From baking to ballet, this mom of two juggles working full time and activities with her kids. How does she do it? 
Name: Christiana Olojo
Occupation: Accountant, Operations Manager for Financial Planning & Tax Office 
Kids: Jonathan (5), Jocelyn (3)
HFM: Do you have any favorite family traditions?
CO: We love baking together. We make cakes and cup cakes and my children help mix the batter. It’s a lot of fun. 
HFM: How do you juggle working full-time and having 2 kids?
CO: Its not easy, but I have help. My husband and I divide the work load. I take them to school in the mornings and he picks them up. Now that they are both in school its gotten easier, but then they also have extra curricular activities ballet, piano, swimming, etc.. My Saturdays are usually very jammed packed. But I try to make a schedule and stick to it. I also make lists so I don’t forget things. 
HFM: What advice would you give to another mom who might be struggling with work and home life balance?
CO: Take it one day at a time. Make a list of tasks if you have to so you don’t forget anything (shopping lists, homework/project due dates , etc).  Never be ashamed to ask for help. 
HFM: What is your family’s favorite go-to meal or favorite place to go out to eat in Houston?
CO: Marcos Pizza, they are on a first-name basis with my husband, We go there at least once or twice a week.
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