Mommy Moments: Making Big Sister feel Special

Mommy Moments: Inside the everyday lives of Houston moms! Mandy dishes about the transition from one child to two and her advice to a new mom. 

Name: Mandy Borrego
Kids: Amelia, 2 and Evelyn 3 months
Occupation: Tax Accountant

HFM: Tell us about your family:

MB: My husband, Travis and I live in Manvel with our two girls. He is a Commercial Business Development Manager for an electricity company and I’m a Tax Accountant at another local electricity company. We’ve lived in the the area for about 6 years and we love Houston! We were married in 2006 and our first daughter, Amelia, was born in 2013 and our second daughter, Evelyn, was born in 2015. We love Texans football, the rodeo, exercising, cooking out and the beach. We don’t have family nearby so we count on close friends to help us get through this journey of parenthood.

HFM: What has surprised you most about now having two kids?

MB: How much you love both of them. I was very worried about connecting with our youngest daughter because I wasn’t sure how I could love another child as much as our first daughter. It surprised me how I immediately connected with Evelyn and love her just as much as Amelia.

HFM: What is the hardest thing about parenting for you?

MB: For me it is the lack of personal time and the constant worrying. I
wish I had more time to read, exercise or clean but sometimes I have
to just reassure myself that I will have more time for those things in the future. I am also constantly worried about my children’s safety and upbringing. Most of the time I’m 100% sure I’m doing everything wrong.

HFM: What advice would you give to a new mom?

MB: You’ll figure it all out. You don’t need everything the day you have
the baby. If all you have are diapers, wipes, breastmilk or formula then you and the baby will be fine. Spend less time reading about babies and parenting and more time enjoying the ability to read, sleep and eat whenever you want while you’re pregnant. Motherhood truly does come naturally and you’ll learn everything you need to know one day at a time.

HFM: What do you do to make sure your older daughter doesn’t feel left out?

MB: My oldest daughter is fiercely independent. The hardest part of the
transition from one to two was not being able to always participate in
her bedtime routine but thankfully my husband is always home for bed
time and has helped her transition without too many tears. As Evelyn gets older and they both need time with me individually I plan to utilize Evelyn’s nap times to spend one on one time with Amelia and also have little mommy and me dates when possible. With all things in my parenting motto is to do what works so I will experiment with a few different things and do my best to make sure both of them get quality time alone with myself and their dad.



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