Must Have Summer Finds

Sometimes a mom just needs a few new gadgets to get through the summer with their families. We had the pleasure of reviewing some of the latest must-haves for summer 2016. Here are some of our favorites: 

engineer a coasterLakeshore Learning Engineer A Coaster Activity Kit

This toy kept the kids busy for hours. We used our refrigerator as the magnet to stick each of the panels on. The boys had to really use their thinking skills to maneuver the tracks from the top of the fridge to the bottom so that the discs would roll correctly all of the way down. It was fun watching them work together, angle the tracks just right, change things around when it didn’t quite work and get all the discs to the bottom of the goal box. It’s geared for ages 3 and up.

Retail: $49.99


When I opened the box of kid-o-bunk, I was sure I was going to have a ton of pieces and parts to try and figure out. Turns out, inside the box were two neat canvas cases, where each bunk is stored when not using. As I unzipped the first case, there were only a few parts tucked in it’s own little compartment for easy storage, along with a step-by-step guide on how to assemble.

It was super easy to get he bunks together. The disc system is pure genius and there was no muscle effort or pinched fingers! Once I had the bunks together, I brought my kids in and their eyes lit up with excitement. The bunks were totally awesome set up in person.

Retail: $289.99

finfunFinFun Mermaid Tails

Ok I admit it, I am an adult and probably more interested in becoming a mermaid myself than most little girls out there. I must say, I absolutely understand now what all the hype is about. Transforming yourself into a mermaid with FinFun is absolutely a must do this summer. FinFun has every color and pattern a girl (or boy for that matter) could ask for. The “skin” is made of special material that won’t stretch in the washing machine and durable enough to handle chorine and salt water. All you do is insert the monofin into the bottom of the skin, and then slide your legs through and insert them inside the fin at the bottom. Then you are ready to swim just alike a mermaid. It takes a little practice to use the fin, so make sure you are extra careful watching the kiddos. I know some local swim schools teach “mermaid swimming” classes too!

Retail: $39.99 and up


Our family goes to the beach, camps and fishes often and we have made use of our Qliplet in a variety of ways. It’s totally the Swiss Army knife of carabiners. It has held our beach bag up off the sand, kept our lantern in place and even held our water bottles on the back our our backpacks while hiking. This is one of those gadgets that you will say “I wish I would have thought of that!” 

The Qliplet, a modified carabiner with a rotating, folding hook, hangs or rests just about anywhere and is designed to free your hands so that you can do more in your life. Precision-machined from lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum, the Qliplet comes in an array of dazzling anodized finishes and holds up to 50 lbs.

Retail: $19.99

wabobaWaboba Balls

These bouncing on water balls are the perfect addition to the outdoor toy box. We took them with us to the beach this past weekend and the kids had a ball bouncing them back and forth between the waves. They make all different kinds of balls, all sorts of colors and even ones that glow in the dark. The pro and extreme balls did the best in the water. You can also purchase rackets on the Waboba website for some water lacrosse or other fun games. For land, my kids had the most fun with the lava ball and the street balls. The lava ball literally erupts with orange lava the more you bounce it. The street ball is a square shape and bounces unpredictably, making it fun to watch the kids chase over around the driveways.

Retail: $6.99 and up

solr chargerJCK Solar Powered Phone Charger

This summer is all about recharging with your family…but sometimes that means going to places where you can’t physically recharge your modern day luxuries like your cell phone! JCL Solar created its 8000 Solar Power Bank to charge virtually any device you need. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, GPS or even a camera, this Lithium Polymer batter efficiently stores energy thanks to our very own sunshine!

It’s highly convenient for long flights, road trips, concerts, camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, surfing, and other outdoor activities. I loved using it at the beach because it was waterproof, portable and fit perfectly into the beach bag! The device was able to show me how much power remained on my phone, and flashed when my phone was 100% charged. The best part is, we were able to charge two devices at the same time. It can charge an iPhone up to four times. Personally, it took about 20 minutes for my phone to go from 37% to 93%.

Retail: $24.99

IglooIgloo Max Cold Dual Compartment Beach Cooler Bag

This bag is perfect. I was able to successfully pack a few beach towels and dry clothes along with some fruit, juice boxes and maybe even a little something more daring for myself (a few beers to be exact) to a friends house a few weeks ago. I absolutely LOVED how everything stayed cool in the inside, and how unpredictably large the outside was. It carried everything I needed. Most often people think of the dads and their gear for the outdoors. I loved that Igloo created a stylish bag perfect for moms this summer! (Comes in blue or pink)

Retail: $29.99

Igloo Proformace 1/2 Gallon Personal Jug (pic is above)

It’s everything you would expect and more. It doesn’t leak, keeps water SUPER cold, and what we loved the most is that the handle has hooks to hang it on the fence so the bugs stay off of it! It also comes in four colors.

Retail: $19.99

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